Tech Test: About us

Tech companies like Amazon, Google and Apple all have rigorous application and screening processes. It's a competitive landscape and competition is high to get shortlisted. We've noticed a growing trend of talented people being rejected by tech employers, based on low test scores in automated assessments.

So we created Techtest to address that problem.

Founded in the UK in 2020, our mission is to help candidates get their dream job by providing applicants the resources they need to pass the pre-employment stages of hiring. We provide an up-to-date aptitude testing suite to help candidates prepare for job applications.

These tests are designed for the technology industry and feature adaptive learning. There are thousands of mock assessment questions, to ensure that no matter what tests get presented to you, you're ready to pass it.

tech tests about us

All our tests are written by experienced chartered occupational psychologists, who've worked for major publishers like SHL, TalentQ and Kenexa. Through consultation with them, we've created a diverse learning resource covering the major areas the test publishers typically assess.

tech tests about us

Taking free tests is a great introduction, but joining the Pro plan will help you gain experience of a wider range of question types.