Situational Judgement Tests

Situational judgement tests assess how you deal with scenarios and challenges that come up in the workplace.

  • What are situational judgement tests?

    Situational judgement tests assess your ability to deal with a variety of common workplace challenges.

    With every question you answer, employers will be examining your communication and teamwork skills and how creative or analytical your thinking is.

    Throughout the test, you’ll be faced with different scenarios and asked to pick an answer from a list of potential responses. There’s no right or wrong, but the employer setting the test will be looking for you to display several key competencies.

  • Why do employers use situational judgement tests?

    Employers in the tech industry are looking to find candidates who will greatly enhance the company, team and role they’re entering into.

    Because the questions in a situational judgement test are framed in the context of the workplace, the test can be a good indicator of the type of employee you’re likely to be, and whether you’d fit well into the company you’re applying to.

    In a highly competitive job market, a situational judgement test could help an employer decide which individual to hire over another.

  • What is the situational judgement test format?

    Each test contains a number of different workplace scenarios, with a list of possible corresponding answers.

    Your job is to select which one you think is most fitting. Although technically there isn’t any ‘wrong’ answers, you need to keep in mind the kind of role you’re applying for, and the kind of skills you’d be expected to showcase. Putting yourself in the employers shoes like this is a good way to help you select an answer.

    We always recommend practising situational judgement tests before the one that really matters, so you get accustomed to the questions and feel confident selecting your responses.

  • What skills does situational judgement test?

    Situational judgement tests really do examine a huge range of skills and competencies - which is why they’re so popular with employers.

    The main skills being tested are communication style, relationship building, teamwork and emotional intelligence.

    The tech industry is highly competitive, and whether you’re applying for a job in software or analysis, the skills being tested in the situational judgement test are ones you’ll be drawing on every day in the office.

    The good news is, if you’re applying for a role in the technology sector, you’re likely to already possess a lot of the skills needed to succeed - so you just need to concentrate on preparation and practice so you can showcase them in the test.

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Situational Judgement Tests FAQs

How are situational judgement tests scored?

As we mentioned previously, although there aren’t ‘right or wrong’ answers, you will be expected to showcase the key skills required in the role you’re applying for. Your answers will be grouped according to how you’ve responded, before being compared with an ideal test result. The comparison will help the employer decide if you’re the right person to hire.

What are situational judgement tests used for?

The test normally runs in conjunction with a traditional interview process, and serves to give the employer a well rounded view of all the applicants. The test itself really showcases the strengths and weaknesses people have when it comes to common work challenges.

What do situational judgement tests involve?

You can expect a series of different scenarios that you’ll have to respond to from a selection of multiple choice answers. The responses you choose will help the employer setting the test determine that kind of employee you’re likely to be, and whether you’ll be a good fit for the tech role you’re applying for.

What do situational judgement tests measure?

The tests measure skills as diverse as creative thinking and analytical problem solving. The simulated situations offer employers a chance to scrutinise your skills in more detail before offering you a job.

Where can I practice situational judgement tests?

At Tech Tests there are a whole variety of practice situational judgement tests for you to try out. Plus, you’ll find lots of handy tips and tricks from the experts.

Which employers use situational judgement tests?

Tech employers use situational judgement tests to help them make the best decisions when hiring people for their company. As situational judgement tests focus on workplace challenges, they’re a popular recruitment tool in a wide variety of industries.


What our customers say about our Situational Judgement Tests

  • Greece

    June 14, 2022


    Personally, i think that this is one of the most successful ways to learn about the people you are interested to hire.

  • Germany

    February 09, 2023


    it was interesting to see how I did. Really nice to have the option on this platform to practice for free!

  • Philippines

    February 24, 2023

    Most Likely

    I guess it was working just fine. All situational related contexts are of importance to what I'm gonna take so I guess overall its good

  • Ethiopia

    June 12, 2023

    Interesting and good for decision making

    I like the questions due to its practicality and helps prepare you for the real thing.

  • Nigeria

    June 27, 2023

    Problem solving

    It was a great experience for me. Really looked into my critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • United States of America

    June 27, 2023

    Good situational judgement scenarios

    Liked that the prompts were detailed but not too long. Disliked that I had no idea where I was in the "timed" portion of the test.