Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests gauge how adept you are at dealing with a variety of different mathematical problems.

  • What are numerical reasoning tests?

    Numerical reasoning tests challenge your mathematical skills. Most numerical reasoning tests will touch on everything from graphs and data, to ratios, equations and fractions - and always under timed conditions. The tests often present mathematical challenges as everyday business problems to really give potential employers a sense of how well you’d cope in a real life scenario. Many technology companies use numerical reasoning tests as a means of filtering through a big pool of candidates to find people with diverse skillsets.

  • Why do employers use numerical reasoning tests?

    A lot of technology jobs demand an aptitude for numbers, so employers use numerical reasoning tests as a means of sorting through large pools of candidates, and finding the people best suited to a particular job role or company. As well as your overall ability to answer mathematical problems accurately, your time management is also put to the test thanks to the timed conditions. Employers will also be looking out for the areas where you show real strength - it helps them build a fuller picture of you as a person and employee.

  • What is the numerical reasoning test format?

    Numerical reasoning tests are multiple choice and timed. Unlike other aptitude tests, there’s no subjectivity and you will either be right or wrong. Most numerical reasoning tests follow the ‘one question per minute’ rule - which, exactly as it sounds, means you’d need to complete a question a minute to finish. It’s a fine balance between speed and accuracy, but practising numerical reasoning tests as much as you can will really help you to achieve this.

  • What skills does numerical reasoning test?

    In short, a lot of maths! You’re likely to see fractions, ratios, percentages, equations and traditional sums. As well as problems that test your ability to analyse data and interpret graphs. Although it might seem like a lot to get to grips with, the preparation will undoubtedly be useful for a future career in the technology industry.We recommend practising as many tests as you can, ideally timed, before you take the one that really matters. It’ll help steady your nerves on the day as you’ll know what to expect, and how to tackle any big obstacles you’re faced with.


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Numerical Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are numerical reasoning tests scored?

Most numerical reasoning tests use raw or comparative scoring. Raw scores are when correct answers are displayed as a percentage ratio. Comparative scoring is when your personal score is directly compared to the scores of the other people who took the test.

What are numerical reasoning tests used for?

Numerical reasoning tests determine how well you score at a range of different mathematical problems. This in turn gives future employers another way of assessing how suited you are for a particular job role or company. The technology sector often uses these tests, in addition to interviews, to get a broader view of your strengths and weaknesses.

What do numerical reasoning tests involve?

Numerical reasoning tests cover a whole range of mathematical concepts. You could be asked to answer questions on fractions, ratios, percentages and equations, as well as show how you can interpret and analyse data sets, graphs and tables.

What do numerical reasoning tests measure?

The technology industry is competitive - it demands individuals who can work quickly and accurately, and who have a solid grounding in basic mathematical principles. So while you’re showing potential employers how adept you are at with numbers, you’re also giving them a clearer idea of how well you cope under pressure, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how well you’re likely to embed within their team or the wider company.

Where can I practice numerical reasoning tests?

Tech Tests has a huge number of practice numerical reasoning tests that you can try out. The website also has loads of useful tricks and and tips on how to get the best score you can on the big day.

Which employers use numerical reasoning tests?

A lot of jobs with technology at their heart require people who are comfortable with numbers. The numerical reasoning test is the best way for companies to ensure they employ people who will be able to deliver. Whether you want a job as a software developer or a systems analyst, taking a numerical reasoning test is a crucial step on the path to success.