Pega Systems Assessments

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Careers at Pega Systems

Pega Systems stands at the forefront of cloud software innovation, particularly in enhancing customer engagement and streamlining operational challenges. Their transformative software solutions have carved a unique space in the industry, leading an unstoppable march towards business efficiency delivered through the Pega Platform. The company offers diverse career opportunities within tech roles that span from software development to customer solution architects.

With the tech sector's expansion, Pega Systems consistently seeks talented individuals to maintain its pioneering position. The demand for professionals equipped with the right skills to tackle Pega's complex and dynamic challenges is high, and the hiring process is designed to identify the best of the best. Candidates wishing to join Pega's transformative journey need to be prepared to showcase their skills through a series of assessments aimed at matching the company's needs with the candidate's expertise.

Pega Systems Application Process

The selection process has 4 major stages:

1. Online Application

2. Online Assessments

3. Interview

4. Assessment Centre

Pega Systems Online Application

The initial gateway to opportunities at Pega Systems is the Online Application process. Candidates are invited to submit their resumes and other relevant documentation through Pega's career portal. This step is crucial as it is your first interaction with the company, and an opportunity to make a strong first impression. An online application should be filled with accurate and concise information about your skills, educational background, and work experience.

Ensure that you tailor your application to highlight how your experience aligns with the job description. Pega looks for candidates who demonstrate a clear understanding of their solutions and the value they can bring to the company. It's important to review your application for any errors and include key accomplishments that set you apart from the competition.

Pega Systems Online Assessments

Following the online application, Pega Systems evaluates potential candidates through Online Assessments. These exams typically assess a range of skills, from technical expertise on the Pega Platform to analytical and problem-solving abilities. The assessments are designed to gauge how well an applicant's skills translate into real-world tasks that they would encounter on the job.

Prepare for a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, coding tests, and situational judgement questions. To ace these online assessments, it's vital to practice in advance, familiarize yourself with common test formats, and understand the types of questions that might be asked.

Pega Systems Interview

If your online assessments indicate that you are a good fit for Pega Systems, the next phase is the Interview. This is typically a multi-stage process which may include phone screens, video calls, or on-site meetings with the hiring team. During the interview stage, expect both technical questions relevant to the job at hand and behavioral ones that assess your problem-solving approach and cultural fit.

It's recommended to prepare by reviewing your past work experiences, the job requirements, and thinking about how your skills can benefit Pega Systems. Demonstrating knowledge about the company and its products can also reflect your genuine interest in the position.

Pega Systems Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre, often a final hurdle in the hiring process, includes a series of in-person assessments and collaborative tasks. It allows Pega Systems to assess candidates in a simulated work environment. You might participate in group discussions, presentations, or additional technical tests.

During this stage, it's important to showcase your communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, as well as how you handle constructive feedback. Prepare to discuss your work experience in detail and provide examples that exhibit your problem-solving skills, adaptability, and how you can contribute to the Pega culture.

Sample Pega Systems Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

Calculate the average quarterly profit for each year. Then, identify the highest average quarterly profit.

QuarterYear 2020 ($ million)Year 2021 ($ million)Year 2022 ($ million)
  • $26.5 million
  • $27.5 million
  • $28.5 million
  • $29.5 million

Calculate the average price of oil for each year. Then, identify the highest average price.

MonthYear 2021 ($)Year 2022 ($)Year 2023 ($)
  • $63
  • $65
  • $67
  • $69

Calculate the percentage increase in the price of oil from Jan to Jun for each year. Then, identify the highest percentage increase.

MonthYear 2021 ($)Year 2022 ($)Year 2023 ($)
  • 20%
  • 21%
  • 22%
  • 23%

Determine the total price of oil for the first three months of each year. Then, find the highest total price for these months.

MonthYear 2021 ($)Year 2022 ($)Year 2023 ($)
  • $182
  • $184
  • $186
  • $188

Calculate the month-over-month increase in the price of oil for each year from Jan to Feb. Then, identify the smallest increase.

MonthYear 2021 ($)Year 2022 ($)Year 2023 ($)
  • $1
  • $2
  • $3
  • $4

Calculate the total annual profit for each year. Then, identify the highest total annual profit.

QuarterYear 2020 ($ million)Year 2021 ($ million)Year 2022 ($ million)
  • $114 million
  • $116 million
  • $118 million
  • $120 million

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Pega Systems Assessments Tips

Know the Platform

Familiarize yourself with the Pega Platform; understanding its core functions will help you during technical assessments.

Problem-Solving Techniques

Practice problem-solving techniques that will help you navigate through Pega's scenario-based questions.

Time Management

Develop effective time management skills to ensure you can answer all questions within the time limits during assessments.

Free Practice Tests

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Pega Systems Assessments FAQs

What are the Pega Systems tests?

The Pega Systems tests are a series of assessments that candidates must clear to secure a position at the company. These tests evaluate technical proficiency, problem-solving capabilities, and culture fit within the company.

Are the Pega Systems tests hard?

The difficulty of Pega Systems tests varies based on the role and the individual's preparedness. However, with thorough practice and understanding of core concepts, candidates can improve their performance significantly.

How do I prepare for Pega Systems tests?

Preparing for Pega Systems tests involves a lot of practice and familiarity with the types of questions asked. Techtest offers a broad range of practice tests that simulate the Pega Systems testing environment to help candidates prepare effectively.

How long does the recruitment process take at Pega Systems?

The recruitment process at Pega Systems may vary by position but typically spans several weeks, encompassing the online application, assessments, interviews, and the assessment centre stages.

What are Pega Systems's core values?

Pega Systems's core values include innovation, accountability, collaboration, and the drive for excellence. These values guide their mission to streamline operations and enhance customer service through advanced cloud software.