Financial Reasoning Tests

Financial reasoning tests involve looking at graphs, tables and other numerical problems.

  • What are financial reasoning tests?

    Financial reasoning tests are designed to test your aptitude for numbers and more specifically, financial problems. The questions on the test cover a huge variety of topics from ratios, graphs and fractions, to profit margins and balance sheets.

    Practising financial reasoning tests is the best way to prepare for the test you’re about to take. We always recommend practising as many tests as you can to boost your confidence, speed and accuracy.

  • Why do employers use financial reasoning tests?

    Financial reasoning tests are used by employers hiring for job roles with a financial bias. This is common in the technology industry.

    The tests are set alongside a traditional interview process, to develop a broader profile of your strengths and weaknesses and whether you have the specific financial skills needed to do the job you’re applying for.

    The good news is the test also offers you another chance to impress an employer - and plenty of preparation and practice beforehand is the best way to set yourself up for success.

  • What is the financial reasoning test format?

    The test format can vary, but normally you’ll have to read through passages of text of about 150-200 words, extracting important information to answer the accompanying question.

    The subject of the questions will vary, but you can expect basic maths principles such as ratios, graphs and sums, as well as challenges more specific to the financial sector such as profit and loss margins, balance sheets and market capitalisation.

  • What skills does financial reasoning test?

    Your numerical skills, your knowledge of common financial terms and your ability to respond effectively under pressure. All of this helps an employer to build a clearer picture of you and how well you’re likely to fit into the role and company to which you’re applying.

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Financial Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are financial reasoning tests scored?

The test will be marked upon completion and your overall score is often compared to a normative group of people. The only other thing to be aware of with the financial reasoning test, is that sometimes marks are deducted for incorrect answers. However, if that’s the case, you’ll be made aware of it before you start the test.

What are financial reasoning tests used for?

The tests are usually set by companies looking to hire for new roles. The test is used to give an employer a much clearer idea of your skillset and how you compare to the other applicants applying for the role.

For technology companies hiring for roles with a financial bias, this test is incredibly useful as it shows how applicants are likely to respond to common financial problems.

What do financial reasoning tests involve?

The tests involve questions on mathematical and financial principles. They’re often a bit wordier and more detailed than a numerical reasoning test, as you may have to read through lengthy passages of text, extracting the important information along the way to answer the question at hand.

The financial reasoning test is always set by employers hiring for jobs where finance makes up a large part of the day-to-day workload.

What do financial reasoning tests measure?

The tests measure a candidate’s ability to think clearly and calmly under pressure, to accurately answer basic mathematical problems and to show an aptitude and understanding for more specific financial questions.

Where can I practice financial reasoning tests?

You can practice financial reasoning tests on the Tech Tests website. Practising will help you to improve your speed and accuracy, and you’ll also be able to pick up helpful hints and tips along the way.

Which employers use financial reasoning tests?

Employers in the tech industry will use this specific test when hiring for roles that require strong numerical and financial skills. The test is also used by employers in a huge variety of industries, but most commonly by finance companies.