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Getting a Job at Adobe

Adobe, founded in 1982, is a multinational computer software company. It is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has over 23,000 employees worldwide, across 70 offices in 26 countries.

The company specialises in software for creating and publishing content - such as photos, graphics, illustrations, animations, videos, and print documents.

Prominent products include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Reader (enabling PDFs), and Flash Player. Adobe's full product range, Adobe Creative Suite, is now available as subscription software and has access to Adobe's Cloud services - the Creative, Document, and Experience Cloud.

Adobe is a household name, with individuals and businesses making extensive use of its applications. According to the Adobe website, over 300 billion PDFs were opened using Adobe products in the last year. Its software is invaluable to creative professionals, with over 90% using Photoshop in their work.

Adobe Values

Understanding the organisational culture of a company, and whether it will be a good fit for you, is an important stage in the job search. Adobe seeks talented employees who align with its culture and values.

Adobe views its employees as the company's greatest asset, investing in diversity and inclusion to create a work environment that is equal and empathetic, as well as fulfilling and innovative.

Adobe has four core values underpinning its work. These are for both the company and its employees to be:

  • Genuine – Adobe values sincerity, trustworthiness, and reliability.
  • Exceptional – Adobe is committed to providing outstanding products and experiences to both customers and employees.
  • Innovative – Adobe has a creative work environment, encouraging innovation to tackle the realities and challenges of business.
  • Involved – Adobe seeks to always be inclusive (both regarding its product design and workforce). It engages with its customers, employees, and partners to create the best products.

To be successful, prospective employees will need to demonstrate an awareness of these values and illustrate how they embody the sentiments behind them.

Types Of Roles At Adobe

Adobe seeks to hire top talent into its eight business areas. There are opportunities available in Design, Research, Engineering and Product, Sales and Customer Experience, Global Marketing and Strategy, Finance and Operations, Legal and Government Relations, and Employee Experience.

Adobe offers programs for undergraduate students (such as the Adobe Digital or Adobe Career Academy), internships for PhD and MBA students, roles for graduates, and opportunities for experienced hires – from mid-level to senior and executive professionals.

Hiring Process at Adobe

Securing a job role at Adobe is competitive and involves impressing at each stage of the rigorous recruitment process. You'll encounter an online application, phone screening, a phone/video interview, online technical assessments, and an intensive final round of interviews.

Adobe Online Application

The first stage in the process is to indicate your interest in an open position by submitting an online application form. You'll need to provide your personal details and outline your educational background and work experience. You may also be asked a few questions regarding your motivation for applying, depending upon your business area and career level.

Adobe Phone Screening

After you've submitted your application, you'll receive a phone call from a member of the recruitment team to gauge your interest and suitability. You'll be asked about your motivation and experience for the role, and your level of knowledge may be indirectly tested. The call will last around 30 minutes.

Adobe Video/Phone Interview

If you pass the screening stage, you'll be invited to attend a phone or video interview. This interview will be with the hiring manager and explore your skills and strengths in greater detail.

You'll need to evidence your answers, so review the job description and essential/desirable criteria before the interview. Get used to expressing yourself using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to ensure clear, strong responses.

It is also important to keep Adobe core values in mind. You may well be asked to evidence these, so prepare a few examples around each value.

Expect this interview to last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Adobe Technical Assessment

The next stage in the process is completing an online technical assessment. You'll receive a link via email. This timed assessment has 65 questions split into two sections.

Adobe Aptitude Tests

The Aptitude and Logic section comprises 45 questions, to be answered in a period of 45 minutes.

The tests include:

Adobe Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test is a multiple choice question assessment that tests a candidate's ability to deal with numbers and perform calculations involving fractions, percentages, sequence, ratios, and algebra. There will also be applied mathematics questions on topics such as profit and loss.

Adobe Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test consists of questions judging your ability to understand and analyse written passages. You'll be presented with paragraphs of text along with a series of multiple-choice questions. To answer correctly you'll need to make inferences, deconstruct arguments, and identify suitable use of vocabulary and grammar.

Adobe Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test questions seek to gain insight into your ability to think critically and logically. They may involve shapes, words, and number sequences. You will need to select the correct answer from a series of options.

Adobe Technical And Coding Test

The Technical and Coding section of the assessment presents candidates with 15 – 20 questions (depending upon the business area) and gives between 1h 15 and 2 hours for their completion.

You're not necessarily expected to complete all the questions but will be scored based on your speed and accuracy.

Some of the questions will require you to find the solution to a brief by coding a short algorithm. You may be asked to complete this in a particular language (for example, C, C++, or Java), or you may be able to choose. This will depend upon the role and will be outlined in either the job description or your pre-assessment instructions.

The other questions will be multiple-choice, requiring you to judge the outcome of given portions of code.

Adobe Onsite Interviews

If you score highly in the online technical assessment, you'll be invited to a final round of interviews. These may be held in person at an Adobe office or virtually, depending upon the circumstances.

Either way, this will be a demanding experience. If you make it through to the end, expect the day to last around 6 hours in total (or around 45 minutes for each interview, with breaks in between).

There will be up to four technical interviews. Two involve completing a coding task followed by a discussion, one features a system design task, and the other an object-oriented design exercise.

Candidates are eliminated at the end of each interview round, so you may not be asked to sit all four interviews.

The final stage is an HR interview, again exploring your motivations, behavioural preferences, and alignment with Adobe's culture and values.

What Is It Like To Work At Adobe?

In terms of employee benefits, Adobe has a generous medical package (Including dental and vision care) that also extends to your family. It offers wellness reimbursements (for activities like yoga or hiring a personal trainer) and has an employee assistance team to help address stress in the workplace.

Vacation time and company breaks help maintain work-life balance, as does the flexibility for time off for personal or family challenges.

Financial benefits include a 401(k) plan, an employee stock purchase plan, and employee stock options (and guidance on how to navigate these).

Adobe is willing to invest in your training and career development, by providing leadership development opportunities and skill-specific training (through platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Harvard ManageMentor).

The company also encourages time for volunteering and matches charitable donations.

Top Tips for Getting Hired at Adobe

Update Your Portfolio And CV

To showcase yourself, keep your CV up to date with your latest work experience. It is also a good idea to tailor your CV to each individual role you apply for, as the relevant skills and strengths shift according to job responsibility.

Whilst you may not need to upload your actual CV to apply for the role, you will need to provide the same information via an online application form. Updating your CV will ensure you're ready to translate your experience, skills, and strengths.

Prepare For The Recruitment Process

The Adobe recruitment process is highly competitive, so it is important to be prepared. The first step is to understand what each stage of the process involves, so you are aware of the demands and level of preparation needed. Next comes targeted preparation for the interviews and assessments.

Practice Tests to Build Confidence

The format, content and style of the psychometric tests encountered in recruitment processes differs from that of other assessments, so familiarizing yourself with the tests is key to success. Use timed practice tests to hone your pace and accuracy. Revise any concepts needed for verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, or technical coding skills tests.

Sample Adobe Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

When preparing a document on a cloud-based editing platform, a team member notices that the style formatting alters when the document is viewed on different devices. Which strategy would most effectively mitigate this issue?

  • Ensuring all team members use the same device
  • Choosing a standard, universally compatible document format
  • Editing the document only on one specific device
  • Manually adjusting the styling on each device

If a creative software suite's base plan costs $20 monthly for up to two devices, and each additional device incurs a $5 surcharge per month, how much would a five-device plan cost for one year?

  • $360
  • $420
  • $300
  • $240

After reading an in-depth article about the impact of digital media on modern advertising, what could be inferred as a primary advantage of using digital media over traditional media?

  • Digital media offers higher costs per reach.
  • Digital media reaches a broader audience faster.
  • Digital media has less creative potential.
  • Traditional media is becoming the preferred choice for young audiences.

A project manager notices that when Task A is delayed, Task B is completed promptly, but when Task A is on time, Task C is not started until Task B is completed. If the project manager needs Tasks A, B, and C to be completed as soon as possible, what should the manager ensure?

  • Task B is completed before Task A.
  • Task A starts and ends on time.
  • Task B is delayed to streamline Task C's start.
  • Task C is started before Task A.

Four teams are working on a complex digital illustration project. They report their completion percentages as follows: Team 1 at 85%, Team 2 at 90%, Team 3 at 75%, and Team 4 at 80%. If all teams continue at their current pace, which team should be monitored more closely to ensure the project deadline is met?

  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Team 3
  • Team 4

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Adobe Assessments Tips

Get to Know Adobe Inside Out

Before you even start tackling practice exams, do yourself a big favor and immerse yourself in everything Adobe. Get familiar with the mainstays like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat Reader. Understand how they integrate with Adobe's Cloud services. Knowing the products and platforms you’ll be working with can give you a solid context for the types of questions that may be on the exam.

Focus on Real-World Application

When working through practice exams on Techtest, aim to apply the skills being tested in real-world scenarios. This will help you understand the practical use of Adobe’s suite of products beyond just the theory. If a question stumps you, take a moment to think about how the solution might be applied in a practical setting within the tech industry.

Attention to Details

Many Adobe-related job roles demand a keen eye for detail, particularly in design and document management. When practicing, don’t just rush through the questions. Take your time to notice the nuances and think critically about the best possible answers. Quality often trumps speed when it comes to demonstrating proficiency in Adobe’s detailed-oriented software.

Explore Creative Solutions

Adobe is all about innovation and creativity, so don't hesitate to think outside the box during your practice exams. Employers are looking for candidates who can use Adobe tools in inventive ways. Use the practice tests on Techtest to experiment with different approaches to problems.

Simulate the Test Environment

Create an environment similar to a test scenario you would expect at Adobe when practicing. Limit distractions, set a timer, and try to replicate a pressure situation. This will help you manage stress and time during the actual exam. Familiarizing yourself with the testing conditions will make the real thing feel like just another practice round.

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Adobe Assessments FAQs

When Does Adobe Recruit?

Adobe recruits for open roles on a rolling basis, so submit your application as soon as possible. For intern and graduate opportunities the recruitment windows differ depending upon the program, so check the relevant stream. The Adobe recruitment process itself is fairly quick, usually taking around a month.

What Kind Of People Does Adobe Hire?

Adobe seeks to hire creative and innovative individuals. There are opportunities for people from a wide range of disciplines and with different work backgrounds – for example, Adobe hires programmers, sales managers, and UX designers. As an equal opportunity employer, Adobe places diversity and inclusion at the centre of its recruitment process.

Is Adobe A Good Company To Work For?

Yes - Adobe has been featured in Fortune's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For every year this millennium (ranking no. 18 in 2021). It was featured on Forbes' list of Best Employers For Diversity (ranking no. 14) and named in People's Top 100 Companies That Care list for the fifth year in a row (no. 16). Fortune and Great Place to Work ranked Adobe no. 13 on the most recent list of the World's Best Workplaces.

Does Adobe Pay Well?

Adobe offers opportunities for individuals at different stages of their career journeys. The pay is competitive at each level and comes with a generous benefits package.