IBM Assessments

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Getting A Job At IBM

IBM is a globally recognised technology company, with a base in New York and offices in over 170 countries. IBM calls its employees to do things never done before; to push the boundaries of technology to solve the world's common problems.

Employees at IBM talk about a great work-life balance and the opportunity for remote work, with additional benefits, including health and wellness facilities and insurance packages. It is because of this that jobs at IBM are highly desirable and applications are competitive. The recruitment process consists of several stages where candidates are asked to complete application forms, multiple tests, tasks, activities, and interviews.

IBM Values

IBM considers itself to be an inclusive, forward-thinking company. It recognises the importance of work-life balance and describes itself as a responsible technology innovator and a force for good in the world. IBM values transparency and trust and promises to listen to its employees to help shape its development.

In the wider community, IBM takes corporate social responsibility seriously, with initiatives in education settings, retired and veteran communities, and the environmental sector. IBM uses its technological expertise to offer support and learning to minority groups and community groups.

Types Of Roles At IBM

In a company the size of IBM, there is a vast range of available opportunities, an entry-level and intern level, all the way to highly experienced professionals. Professional job roles cover areas such as HR, software development, sales, architecture, health, and safety compliance, and online security. There are also opportunities in banking, finance, and insurance.

Hiring Process At IBM

IBM has a very thorough and rigorous hiring process that helps identify the most promising candidates. Competition for jobs is high, so understanding what is expected of you can give you a head start. It's also worth noting that IBM hires across many regions of the world, so the hiring process may vary, depending upon location.

IBM Application And Pre-screening

The first stage of applying for a job at IBM is to complete an online application. IBM recommends that people also join its Talent Network to register their interest and receive information about job openings. Once you have submitted an online application, it will be screened by real IBM employees, not machines. Staff who screen applications are experts in their field and also experienced in recruitment.

IBM Aptitude Tests

The IBM aptitude test, or IBM test, is an assessment taken by candidates during the recruitment process that evaluates personality traits, qualities, and behavioural responses. IBM uses a range of aptitude tests to select candidates who will fit the culture and ethos of the company. IBM continues its ethos of diversity and inclusion by offering to make any adjustments necessary to make the tests accessible for all.

IBM Cognitive Assessment Test (IPAT)

IBM cognitive ability test is an assessment called the Information Processing Aptitude Test (IPAT) created by the company. The IPAT is a notoriously difficult numerical reasoning and numerical series test that covers topics including measurement and weight conversions, understanding speed, distance and time, ratios and fractions, and basic algebra.

Recently, IBM has introduced questions in the format of fun interactive games that present challenges to solve. The IPAT test has a time allowance of 2 hours and 15 minutes in which to answer 40 questions. The candidate must answer the questions to demonstrate how they learn, solve problems and make decisions.

IBM Online Reasoning Test

IBM also administers other online aptitude tests for a well-rounded view of each candidate. These tests include numerical reasoning,verbal reasoning,mechanical reasoning,situational judgement,logical reasoning and software programming. Applicants are not expected to sit all tests but will be required to complete the tests most relevant to the job to which they are applying.

IBM Other Online Assessments

There are three other online assessments you may be given depending on the role you apply for. A coding assessment presents either a series of coding challenges or a multiple choice test designed to test your knowledge and ability in programming. A video assessment replicates a more traditional interview format and asks the candidate several questions. Responses are recorded on video and used as part of the selection process. Finally, candidates are expected to complete an English language assessment to help demonstrate their level of proficiency in the English language.

IBM Assessment Center and Interview

Applicants who complete the aptitude tests are invited to move on to the next stage in the IBM hiring process: an assessment center. At the assessment center, you might be asked to participate in group tasks or give a presentation, and you will likely be required to attend a face-to-face interview. Interview questions often ask you to explain your capabilities and experience and how you would respond to certain workplace situations. IBM recommends you prepare some questions for your interviewer to make sure the company is a good fit for you, as well as you being a good fit for the company.

What Is It Like To Work At IBM?

According to its workforce, working at IBM is pretty good. The diversity and inclusion programme attracts much praise and seems to play a big part in making employees feel welcome and comfortable.

As well as the prestige of working at one of the world's leading technology companies, employees also benefit from added extras, such as health insurance, a retirement programme, and opportunities to take leave to pursue personal goals.

The staff at IBM even get to use well-being facilities, including sleep rooms, reading areas, mindfulness sessions, and a massage chair. However, as expected at a company of this size, processes at IBM can be clunky and involve red tape and bureaucracy.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At IBM

Prepare For The IBM Interview

IBM interviewers want to see that you are interested in the company. Be sure to have a basic understanding of IBM's position in the marketplace, current projects and clients, and any recent news about the company.

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IBM Assessments FAQs

How Long Is The IBM Hiring Process?

There is no set time frame for an application to work at IBM, so expect it to take anywhere between two weeks and several months. The length of the hiring process depends upon the role to which you are applying, how many applications are submitted, and how far you get through the process.

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From IBM?

It can take some time for IBM to get back to you after applying, if at all, due to the high level of applications they receive for every position. IBM states that they are unable to respond to every person who is unsuccessful but can offer feedback if you contact your recruiter.

What Should I Expect At An IBM Interview?

Expect to be interviewed by skilled professionals in their field who are also experienced in interviewing, are aware of unconscious bias, and will give a fair and equal interview to all candidates. In the end, you will be asked if you have any questions, so think of a few beforehand.

How Do I Pass IBM Tests?

To improve your chances of success, take practice example test questions and sit practice tests. Practising under test conditions and familiarising yourself with typical questions will help you stay calm and focused during the test.

How Do I Get A Job At IBM?

Follow the application process as set out above, starting with an online application through the IBM website. Ensure you have your skills up to date and have researched both the company and your potential job role. Show diligence and enthusiasm.

What Are The Coding Questions Asked In IBM?

If you are applying for a position that involves computer programming, you will be asked to sit a coding test as part of the application process. Questions cover Operating Systems, Object-Oriented Programming concepts, Database Management systems (DBMS), Data Structures, and Algorithms.

Is It Difficult To Get A Job In IBM?

Job positions at IBM are highly sought after and the recruitment process is challenging. Aptitude tests are at a medium or high difficulty level, depending upon the job position, but IBM's aptitude test, the IPAT Capability Test, is known to be difficult.

What Is A Good IBM Test Score?

Your recruitment tests will be compared to your peers to rank you. Typically, you must rank in the top 50% of your group to pass the test and be considered for the next stage of the process.