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Getting a Job at Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a finance, software engineering, global data, and media company. It employs a workforce of almost 20,000 employees in nearly 170 countries across the world. The company is a well-respected employer, offering varied, challenging, and fulfilling careers.

As such, the recruitment process is necessarily competitive. This should not deter you from applying - with an understanding of the process and some targeted preparation, you'll be ready to secure your ideal position at Bloomberg.

Types Of Roles At Bloomberg

Bloomberg offers a wide range of careers, from roles in data analysis, software development, tech services, and user experience, to positions in operations, corporate functions, external relations, news, and research.

It offers apprenticeship and internship opportunities, as well as full-time roles for early career and experienced hires.

Entry-level opportunities are available in the business areas of Global Data, Analytics & Sales, Client Financial Services, Supply Chain, and Customer Support.

Bloomberg Values

Bloomberg is committed to its four core values, which underpin all aspects of the company's work. It is important to display an awareness of these values throughout all stages of the recruitment process. The values are:

Diversity And Inclusion

Bloomberg regards its diversity and inclusion as central to its success. The culture encourages different perspectives, recognising that active inclusion is needed to reap the benefits of a diverse workplace.

It is aware of the importance of advancing equality, taking steps to do so across its recruitment process and company policies, as well as promoting employee awareness. Bloomberg also has eight employee run Communities that provide support and promote messages of inclusion.


Bloomberg has a culture of innovation, seeking to invest in the future by imagining the best pioneering solutions for its clients. It is a leader in cutting-edge disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Bloomberg's commitment to diversity & inclusion serves to encourage effective collaboration and in turn, increase innovation within the company.


Corporate philanthropy and service is a key part of Bloomberg's culture. It seeks to use its resources to create local impact through its global reach.

Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on five key areas: Public Health, Environment, Government Engagement, the Arts and Education. The organisation distributes billions across hundreds of cities and countries to encourage lasting change.


Bloomberg is committed to using its data expertise to help tackle climate change. It is embedding sustainability within internal business and increasing impact through global partnerships and encouraging policy change.

Centrally, it is creating solutions – as such enabling optimised analysis of data - that allow clients to make informed changes and contribute to a sustainable future. It also develops sustainable finance solutions.

Hiring Process At Bloomberg

The Bloomberg recruitment process is multi-stage and consists of an initial online application, online assessments, several interviews, and an assessment centre day.

Bloomberg Online Application

The first step in the process is to submit your online application. This involves uploading your CV and answering a series of questions. These questions will relate to the role for which you are applying and to Bloomberg.

Before answering the questions, research Bloomberg and your chosen department, and review the job description so you can speak directly to the responsibilities of the role. Also, ensure you can clearly articulate the motivation behind your application.

Bloomberg Aptitude Tests

Once you have lodged your application form, you'll receive an invitation to sit an online psychometric assessment.

This assessment will test your cognitive ability and may feature numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning questions. All questions will be in multiple-choice format.

The assessment has a time limit of 25 minutes. To score well, you'll need to answer the questions quickly and accurately.

Bloomberg Pre-recorded Video Interview

As part of the process, you will also need to complete a pre-recorded video interview. This will be your first chance to appear on camera and convey your personality to the recruitment team.

You'll need to record your answers to a series of questions relating to the role, Bloomberg, and your work experience to date. Don't worry about the technology, as you'll be able to practice recording an answer before the real interview starts.

Note that responses will be timed, so you'll need to be prepared to immediately answer a range of questions that may feature.

The interview will take around 10 – 15 minutes to record. Ensure you complete the task in a quiet environment, free from distractions, with a stable internet connection.

Bloomberg Phone Interview

Some roles will also require a telephone interview. This call will review your academic qualifications and work history. If the role you've applied for requires a second language, it may also test your proficiency.

Bloomberg Assessment Day / Super Day

The final stage of the process is a Bloomberg Assessment/Super Day. This may be hosted at a Bloomberg office, or online, depending upon the circumstances.

If possible, the event will be held in person, so you can get a sense of the work environment, the culture at Bloomberg, and meet current employees face-to-face during an office tour.

The tasks scheduled for the day vary according to the department and role you have applied for but, in general, the assessment day consists of group activities, skill-based assessments, job simulations, interviews and networking.

Bloomberg Group Activities

To assess your team working skills and see how well you collaborate with new people. Remember to actively contribute but to also encourage the voices of others in the group. These group activities may be discussions or case studies.

Bloomberg Skills-Based Assessments

If you are applying for a technical position, you may encounter some specific skills-based assessments during the assessment day. For example, a coding test, error checking test, or targeted reasoning assessment.

Bloomberg Job Simulations

You will likely be asked to complete a role-play exercise, to assess how to react to and deal with different workplace scenarios. In preparation, consider the company's values and culture, as your behaviour will be directly assessed to see if you are a good fit.

Bloomberg Interview(s)

During the assessment day, you'll be asked to attend at least one interview. This may be with a manager, team leader, or department representative.

The interview will be competency-based, so ensure you have reviewed the job description and your application form, and fully considered how your skills map onto the responsibilities of the role.

Remember that using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result) can help to ensure your answers are well-structured and clearly evidenced. As always, come prepared with inquisitive questions.

If you are applying to a technical role, you may also be required to attend a technical interview to assess your skill level.

Bloomberg Networking

During the day, there will be the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking, as well as the chance to talk to the recruitment team and current Bloomberg employees. Use this time to get to know what working for Bloomberg is really like and to ask any outstanding questions you may have.

What Is It Like to Work at Bloomberg?

At Bloomberg you'll be part of an open and collaborative community, completing challenging, fast-paced, and rewarding work.

A job at Bloomberg comes with many practical benefits, such as medical cover, a retirement savings plan (with generous match contributions), gender-neutral parental leave, commuter programmes, and wellbeing rewards.

Bloomberg also offers a cultural pass, providing discounted or free admission to hundreds of museums and cultural institutions, to employees and their families.

In addition, Bloomberg has a career development platform, Bloomberg University, which enables employees to keep learning - for example, honing their technical skills or leadership abilities.

Top Tips to Get Hired at Bloomberg

Do Your Research on the Company

Ensure you have a thorough knowledge of Bloomberg, your prospective department, and the requirements of the role. Going into the recruitment process, you'll need to be clear why Bloomberg is the right choice for you.

Research Bloomberg's current activity and any large or relevant projects, so you can talk about them at interviews. This awareness displays curiosity and initiative, as well as a determination to secure the role.

Express Yourself At Interview

It is important to convey your character during your interview(s). Recruitment teams screen and shortlist hundreds of applicants, all with impressive resumes and suitable skills. Success depends upon the ability to illustrate your talent for the role, whilst conveying your personality.

Trying to be the candidate you think the employer wants, always comes across as stunted and transparent. Your personality is something unique that you bring to the role – and Bloomberg values individualism - so don't be afraid to express yourself.

Complete Practice Tests

The recruitment process contains aptitude tests, so make sure you are prepared. These timed assessments can be tricky as they have their own question style. Sitting practice tests will help you to familiarise yourself with the format and content of such reasoning assessments.

Take the tests under timed conditions, so you get used to the pace required.

Have Confidence

Be confident and believe in your own abilities. If you're not confident that you are the right candidate for the role, this will come across in your answers on the application form and at the interview.

Taking the time to review your qualifications and work history alongside the job description will help you to identify the strengths you bring to the role. Preparation is often the key to confidence in a recruitment process, so do yourself justice by investing the time on the run-up.

Sample Bloomberg Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

During a meeting, four investment opportunities were presented, each with a varying degree of risk and potential return. What should be considered to make a logical decision on which investment to choose?

  • The balance between potential return and the acceptable level of risk for the company.
  • Choosing the investment that has the lowest initial cost, regardless of the return.
  • Select the opportunity that aligns with what competitors are also investing in.
  • Pick the investment that has the highest potential return, ignoring the associated risks.

A financial analyst is reviewing a set of financial statements. If the cost of goods sold is $30,000, the beginning inventory is $10,000, and the ending inventory is $7,000, what was the total amount of purchases during the period?

  • $27,000
  • $25,000
  • $37,000
  • $20,000

Consider a scenario where management must decide whether to invest in a new project that promises a likely return but could also risk the company's current stable growth. From the following arguments, which is most strongly in favor of proceeding with the new investment?

  • Taking calculated risks is essential for innovation and staying ahead of the market competition.
  • The company has never before invested in such a project, so it would not align with historical strategies.
  • Investors might feel uneasy about the company taking on a new venture outside its traditional scope.
  • The new project could distract management from focusing on the company's core competencies.

An employee reviews a series of reports consisting of productivity figures from the previous four quarters. If the trend of increasing productivity by 5% each quarter continues, what would be the expected productivity percentage increase in the next quarter?

  • An increase of 5%
  • An increase of 10%
  • No change in productivity
  • An increase of 20%

An operational team is attempting to streamline workflow by implementing a new processing system. After training sessions, some team members are still making errors. Which action would be the most logical next step for the team leader to take?

  • Review the training materials to clarify and simplify any confusing instructions.
  • Punish the team members who make errors to prevent future mistakes.
  • Dismiss team members who make errors as they are unlikely to improve.
  • Cancel the new processing system and revert to the old method.

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Recreate the Environment

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Bloomberg Assessments FAQs

How Many Times Can You Apply to Bloomberg?

Applications to Bloomberg are processed on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of progressing in the recruitment process. If you are unsuccessful, there is no indication that you can't reapply for another relevant vacancy.

If you have your heart set on that particular role, however, it would be best to gain some more experience before reapplying when a vacancy appears the following year. The experience you gain in the interim will strengthen your application and increase your chances of success the second time around.

Is It Difficult to Get a Job at Bloomberg?

Whilst the recruitment process for open positions at Bloomberg is competitive, remember that Bloomberg is seeking talent like yours. With preparation, you'll be able to pass the online test, impress with your application form and interview answers, and convey your strengths and cultural fit on the assessment day.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The exact structure of the hiring process depends upon your career level and the role to which you are applying but, on average, the entire process takes around 2 months. Once you have completed your final interview at the assessment centre, you should hear whether you have been successful within one week.