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Getting A Job At Capgemini

Headquartered in Paris, France, Capgemini is a French multinational IT company that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. The company was founded in 1967 and has since become a global leader in consulting and technology services that serves a range of industries including telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Globally, Capgemini employs over 290,000 people across 42 countries. Positions at Capgemini are highly sought-after in the industry, which means competition during the application will be fierce. Capgemini uses a multi-stage application process to determine whether candidates have the skills and personality that fits the role and company.

Capgemini Values

Throughout the recruitment process, the hiring team will be assessing your alignment to Capgemini's core values. It is therefore important to familiarise yourself with these and keep them in mind at each stage.

Capgemini's core values are:

  • Honesty
  • Boldness
  • Trust
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Modesty
  • Team Spirit

Types Of Roles At Capgemini

Capgemini has a range of opportunities for people at all stages of their career, from students and graduates to experienced professionals. Current vacancies are listed on the Capgemini careers page, where you sort positions according to location, type of role, department etc.

Positions are available in various departments across the company, from engineering to sales. This means there is something available at Capgemini for almost all types of skill set and qualifications.

Internships are also available at Capgemini for students currently enrolled in a university program. They typically run for eight weeks during the summer, however, some longer internships are available that run throughout the year.

Role-specific graduate programs are available in technology, outsourcing or financial services. Graduates are provided with a chance to work on different projects within the company, helping them gain the skills needed for their careers.

The Invent Accelerate graduate programme is designed for those who want to become a graduate management consultant, combining technology, data science, and creative design to help clients solve complex business and technological challenges. Working on projects in a variety of sectors, graduates will gain fundamental consulting skills and experience.

Hiring Process At Capgemini

Securing a position at Capgemini is competitive and involves a multi-stage hiring process that includes an online application, strengths test, digital interview, and an assessment centre. You are likely to be competing against a large pool of candidates, so performing highly at each stage is essential to your success.

Capgemini Online Application

After you have identified the position you would like to pursue, the hiring process will begin with an online application on Capgemini's careers page. This will firstly involve uploading an up-to-date CV/resume, and optionally a cover letter. Once completed, you will need to provide some basic personal details, followed by some information on your education and employment history.

You may also need to answer some short motivational questions so Capgemini can learn more about your reasons for applying. Make sure to answer these thoroughly and keep in mind Capgemini's core values when crafting your response. Some potential motivational questions could include:

  • What are your reasons for applying to Capgemini?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?
  • What do you think you could bring to Capgemini?

Capgemini Strengths Test

If your online application meets the criteria for the position, you will be invited to take an online strengths test. This is similar to a situational judgement test that you may have encountered before. This is not a timed test but usually takes around 30-40 minutes to complete.

You will be asked a series of typical scenarios you could face when working at Capgemini, some being coworker based and others client-based. You will then be required to rank the possible responses in order of which you believe to be most effective.

This helps give Capgemini a better sense of how you are likely to behave in a work environment and if you have the necessary strengths to be successful in the role you are applying to.

Again, make sure you keep in mind Capgemini's values so you understand the company's culture and the expectations of the workplace.

Capgemini Digital Interview

The next stage of the recruitment process is a digital interview via the on-demand interviewing platform HireVue. This helps Capgemini learn more about you and what your personal strengths are.

The first part of the interview will be the video questions, which will ask you motivational and competency-based questions. You will be given 30-60 seconds to prepare and formulate a response to the question, followed by 3 minutes to record it.

The digital interview will also include some multiple choice questions and questions that require a written response.

Make sure to refer back to your past experience in your responses. It doesn't have to be work experience, you can use examples from your education, hobbies, or life experiences to demonstrate what is being asked.

Capgemini Assessment Centre

If you are successful in the digital interview, you will be invited to an assessment centre. This is a half day event that is intended to explore your strengths through a number of different activities. The assessment centre may be in person at a Capgemini office or held virtually via a video conference.

Capgemini Group Exercise

During the exercise, you will take part in a group exercise, which will involve a task that you will need to complete as a team. You will need to discuss the problem as a team, ensuring that you are persuasive and put forward your point, whilst actively listening to what everyone has to say. You will be assessed on how you delegate tasks, work as a team, and discuss ideas.

Capgemini Interview

The assessment centre schedule also includes a one to one interview with someone from the leadership team. The questions are typically general with some that are more specific to the specific Capgemini unit you have applied to. Make sure to draw on examples from past work experiences, your education, or another area of your life to back up your responses.

Capgemini Individual micro-exercises

You may also be asked to complete some individual tasks that each measure a specific strength, for example, you may need to produce a written summary on some current news or trends within the industry.

What is it like to work at Capgemini?

Capgemini prides itself on its inclusive and diverse workplace, stating that "Diversity brings creativity brings business value".

Capgemini believes in continuous learning, and so offers a comprehensive learning and development program through the Capgemini University, allowing employees to develop both personally and professionally. Employees can build on their skills and capabilities via classroom-based and virtual courses, e-learning modules and rich-media online resources.

Capgemini offers flexible working arrangements that gives employees the freedom to choose their hours or where they work, to support a better work-life balance.

Capgemini also offers a range of benefits, including "core" benefits such as life assurance, as well as "MyBenefits" that allows them to elect a mix of additional benefits to best suit their lifestyle.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Capgemini

Do Your Research

Throughout the application process, the hiring team will be looking for candidates who are interested in working for Capgemini. A good way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position is to research the company, your specific business area, and the wider industry.

This will also help you prepare for potential interview questions, which can help set you apart from other candidates.

Try to find information on key milestones, values, and projects, as well as current potential issues facing the company or industry. Good places to find information include the careers website, company social media pages, and news articles.

Practice Tests

The best thing you can do to prepare for the strengths test is to practice sample situational judgement questions. This will help familiarise you with the format and style of SJT questions, and allow you to practice responding in the most effective way. Make sure you treat the practice tests as if it's the real thing, this means taking them in one sitting and making sure you understand each question fully before answering.

Have your own questions prepared

Make sure you come with your own set of questions for the interviewer. Not only will this help you find out more about Capgemini and what it will be like working there, but it will show you are interested in the position, and help set you apart from other candidates.

Use The STAR method

You will be asked competency-based questions during your interviews. These questions will require you to draw on real life examples to back up your response. A good technique to ensure you are giving concise and relevant responses is the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) method. Try to practice using this method prior to the interview using sample interview questions.

Sample Capgemini Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

During a fiscal quarter, a technology consultancy firm allocates 30% of its budget to software development, 25% to marketing, 20% to employee salaries, 15% to infrastructure, and the remainder to a reserve fund. If the total budget for the quarter is $2 million, how much is allocated to the reserve fund?

  • $500,000
  • $100,000
  • $200,000
  • $150,000
  • $250,000

During a project debrief, it became evident that a misinformation issue led to a significant delay in the product launch. Which course of action would most effectively prevent such an occurrence in the future?

  • Conduct more frequent team meetings.
  • Implement a centralized communication platform.
  • Hire more project managers.
  • Reduce the number of projects in progress.

A manager wants to improve the team's efficiency without overloading the members with additional tasks. Which of the following strategies would be the most effective?

  • Introduce mandatory overtime.
  • Utilize automation tools for routine tasks.
  • Increase the frequency of performance reviews.
  • Delegate decision-making to team leads.

An employee in your consultation team consistently provides innovative solutions but often misses deadlines. As a team leader, how should you address this?

  • Offer time management training.
  • Pair the employee with a punctual colleague.
  • Shift the employee to a less demanding role.
  • Ignore the behavior, valuing quality over punctuality.

If an IT service provider experiences a 5% annual increase in revenue over 3 years, starting from $20 million, what will their revenue be at the end of this period?

  • $23.15 million
  • $21.55 million
  • $23.10 million
  • $22 million
  • $25.5 million

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Capgemini Assessments Tips

Get to Know Capgemini

Before you dive into practicing for your exams, take some time to learn about Capgemini. Understanding its culture, services, and the industries it operates in can give you valuable context for the types of questions that might come up. Tap into resources like the company's website, recent news articles, and industry reports to get a feel for what Capgemini values in its employees.

Simulate Real Test Conditions

When practicing for Capgemini's assessments, try to mimic the actual test environment as closely as possible. Find a quiet space, set a timer, and take each practice exam in one sitting to build your test-taking stamina. With Techtest's practice exams, you’ll get a sense of the time pressure and question formats that you might experience, helping you to develop effective time-management skills.

Analyze Your Performance

After each practice test on Techtest, take the time to review your answers. Analyzing what you got right — and what you missed — is crucial. This reflective practice helps you to identify areas where you need to improve and patterns in the types of mistakes you might be making, enabling you to tackle similar problems more efficiently in the future.

Focus on Weaker Areas

It’s great to reinforce what you already know, but it’s even more important to shore up your weaknesses. Use your performance analysis to identify these areas. Techtest offers a range of practice materials, so you can focus on the specific topics that challenge you the most. By fortifying your weak spots, you'll be increasing your overall test readiness.

Stay Calm and Confident

Last but not least, maintain a positive mindset. It’s natural to be a little nervous, but confidence comes from preparation. The more you practice, the more self-assured you'll become. Remind yourself that each practice exam is a step toward acing the real thing. Combine this mental preparation with regular breaks and a healthy routine to keep your stress levels low.

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Capgemini Assessments FAQs

Is It Hard To Get Hired At Capgemini?

Positions at Capgemini are highly competitive, with potentially thousands of applicants for a single position. This makes it challenging to get hired at Capgemini, however, don't let this dissuade you, as with some focused preparation at each stage you could put yourself in a good position for success.

How Do I Prepare For A Capgemini Interview?

To prepare for a Capgemini interview you should begin by doing some research to show you understand the role and the company beyond the basics. You should also look at some common interview questions and consider how you would answer them - try using the STAR technique when you do this.

Is Capgemini A Good Company To Work For?

Yes! Capgemini has a collaborative work environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, and offers fantastic potential for career development through their learning and development programs. Employees also have the opportunity to gain varied experience while working on different projects and teams across the company. Capgemini also offers flexible working arrangements and a range of benefits from life assurance to gym memberships.