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How To Get A Job At EE

As part of the BY group, EE is a large organisation that offers varied roles in various specialisms. Each position has a defined recruitment and selection process.

Understanding what is involved at each stage of the process will help you perform at your best. In addition to being aware of what is expected from the recruitment process, candidates must be mindful of EE's values and demonstrate these through the process to get a job at EE.

EE Values

EE has three main values that are central to the company's mission. These values relate not only to the customers they serve but also the service they provide.

  • Delivering outstanding customer service to all customers online, at contact centres, and in-store branches
  • Building trust with their customers through the way EE products are sold to customers and providing each customer with a personalised experience through their products and service.
  • Providing the best network to customers through being the UK's fastest and largest mobile network provider.

Types Of Roles At EE

EE is part of the BT group and offers various roles, some of which can be viewed via the EE website, some are advertised through the BT website.

Roles are offered in four main areas:

  • Retail (store managers, retail customer advisers)
  • Head Office (finance, technology, HR, business consultants, digital, marketing, commercial
  • Graduate and Apprentice roles (programmes are available in many areas)
  • Contact Centres (sales advisers, customer service advisers, team leaders)

EE offers a defined career path for those who want to progress up the career ladder for many of these specialisms.

Hiring Process At EE

EE Aptitude Tests

EE includes online tests as part of its recruitment process. These tests follow the online application stage.

There are two online tests to complete: a situational judgment test and a personality test. The tests are timed tests. To perform well on the tests, it is always advisable to take the test in a quiet room and when you are free from distraction.

EE Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgment tests assess how candidates prefer to behave in work situations. Situations similar to those that you face on the job are presented along with multiple choice answers. Candidates then select the response that represents the response or course of action they would take in that situation.

The tests are usually timed, requiring candidates to work quickly but read the question and respond honestly. To perform at your best in a situational judgment test, be aware of the EE's company culture and values and the competencies and requirements of the role.

EE Personality Test

Personality tests look at candidates' characteristics, traits, and behaviours as relevant to those required for success on the job. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to a personality test.

It is worth remembering that questions that assess the same behaviour or trait will be asked differently. Answer the questions honestly, and don't try to second guess what you think the recruiter or hiring manager will want to see. If you answer the questions honestly, without overthinking them, an accurate and consistent picture of your personality will be presented.

EE Phone Interview

Candidates who are successful at online testing are invited to a phone interview. The phone interview is a mix of questions around your commitment to a career at EE and competency-based or situational questions.

Candidates must provide examples of previous situations they have been in to support the fact that they demonstrate the competency or skill being assessed. It is always advisable to read the job description as part of your interview preparation and prepare examples of when you have demonstrated the skills or behaviours required by the role.

EE Retail In-Store Assessment

Candidates applying for retail in-store vacancies and who are successful at the phone interview stage are invited to attend an assessment day.

The assessment day comprises of two parts:

  • Competency-based interview
  • Role Play exercise that simulates a situation that you could face with a customer on the job (product tasks may also be included).

Candidates should receive full details of the tasks they will be asked to complete on assessment day. This means that candidates can fully prepare for the assessments before the day itself.

It is essential to read through your application and the job description, so you are clear on the skills and competencies that you have as relevant to the role. Be aware of EE as a company, the values, mission, and the types of candidates that make successful in-store advisers.

EE Contact Centre Assessment Day

If candidates are successful at the phone interview stage and have applied for a contact centre vacancy, they are invited to the contact centre assessment day. This follows a similar format to the in-store assessment day.

The exercises that candidates complete are dependent on the role but could include role-play exercises, group assessments, and a competency-based interview.

Preparing for an assessment day is essential so that you perform at your best on the day.

Full details of the assessments will be provided to candidates who are invited to attend the assessment centre.

When preparing for a competency-based interview, ensure you have refreshed your memory on the job description and the skills and competencies required for the role. Prepare examples of situations you have been in that you can share when asked competency-based questions.

It is always a good idea to make sure you know about the values and mission of EE so that you can demonstrate your commitment to a career at EE and show that you have what it takes to be successful in the role and the company.

Candidates can't prepare for a group assessment before the assessment day; when in the group assessment, make sure that you listen to others in your group and respond appropriately. Working together, listening, and supporting each other in the task will demonstrate your group work abilities.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At EE

Preparing for the EE recruitment process is essential. Here are some ways that you can ensure that you perform at your best throughout the recruitment process.

Practice EE Tests

EE includes online testing as part of the recruitment process. Make sure you have practiced the tests that you will be sitting. Practicing tests means that you become familiar with the format and the style of questioning.

Do Your Research

As well as preparing competency-based examples and practicing tests, it is essential to research EE as a company. Do your research on EE, be aware of their values, mission, and how they put their values into practice. This shows your interest in the role and EE, demonstrating your commitment to a career with the company.

Use Exam Conditions

When practicing tests, it is crucial to simulate the test conditions you will be under when sitting the actual test. This means practicing tests under timed conditions in a quiet environment.

Simulating the test pressure you will face when sitting the real test means that you know how you react under these conditions.

Practicing under timed conditions can take away some of the fear of the unknown that many candidates feel when sitting online tests. It will also give you confidence when you come to sit the actual test if you have practiced under exam conditions.

Answer All Questions (Even If You Guess)

When sitting online tests, you must work quickly but accurately. Don't spend too long on a question. If you aren't sure of the answer, make your best guess and then move on to the next question.

Marks can only be awarded for questions answered correctly, so make sure that you answer all of the questions to give yourself the best chance of attaining a high score.

Sample EE Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

A set of instructions is being followed where each step negates the operation of the previous step. If the initial operation is to add 3, and there are 5 steps in total starting with the initial operation, what would the final value be if you begin with 12?

  • 12
  • 9
  • 6
  • 15

A project team allocated a budget based on the projected number of hours needed to complete a task. Calculate the hourly wage if the budget is $12,000 and the task requires 300 hours to complete.

  • $36 per hour
  • $40 per hour
  • $30 per hour
  • $45 per hour

During a meeting, you are provided with sales data: Q1 saw a 20% increase, Q2 saw a 10% decrease, and Q3 saw a 15% increase compared to the previous quarter. Overall, what is the cumulative percent change from Q1 to the end of Q3?

  • 43.2%
  • 16.8%
  • 2.8%
  • 13.2%

If a candidate must score 80% or higher to pass an assessment, what is the minimum score needed out of 50 questions to pass?

  • 38 questions
  • 40 questions
  • 42 questions
  • 45 questions

Consider a sequence in which the next number is derived by adding 5 to the previous one, starting with 2. What would be the fifth number in this sequence?

  • 22
  • 20
  • 18
  • 25

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EE Assessments Tips

Know Your EE Stuff

Before diving into practice tests on Techtest, take the time to familiarize yourself with EE's values and mission. Those core principles can often guide what skills and attributes they're looking for in candidates. A clear understanding of the company can give you a leg up on the competition and help you answer questions in a way that aligns with EE's culture.

Understand the Format

Each role at EE might have a different style of test, so it's crucial to understand the specific format you'll be facing. On Techtest, try out various exams that mimic the real-world scenarios EE might present. This will help you not only gauge the areas you're strong in but also identify where you need to put extra effort.

Simulate Test Conditions

To get the real feel of the testing process, simulate exam conditions at home. Find a quiet space, set a timer, and work through the practice tests without distractions. This strategy helps build your testing endurance and prepares you for the pressure of the actual exam. Remember, practice on Techtest is all about making the real test feel like just another practice round.

Review and Reflect

After completing each practice test on Techtest, take the time to thoroughly review your answers. Reflect on the questions you got wrong and understand why. This review process is vital for turning mistakes into learning opportunities that will improve your performance over time.

Maintain a Growth Mindset

Remember, each practice test you take is an opportunity to grow. Don't be discouraged by low scores in the beginning; improvement comes with time and persistence. Keep a positive attitude and use Techtest to steadily advance your skills and confidence. With consistent practice, you'll be ready to show EE that you're the candidate they're looking for.

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EE Assessments FAQs

How Long Does EE Recruitment Take?

EE recruits for many positions across their business. The length of the recruitment process can vary by role. On average, EE aims to take candidates through the recruitment process within four weeks of a candidate applying. This does depend on candidates completing stages such as the online tests promptly.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Work At EE?

Some of EE's roles, such as those at their head office, are dependent on experience. Some positions, such as those in the contact centre or apprenticeship roles, require candidates to demonstrate the softer skills that are important when dealing with clients.

For roles such as those at the apprenticeship level, applicants need to be aged 16 years or older.

Can You Work From Home With EE?

Working from home is dependent on the type of role. For roles that are based in-store, it is not possible to work from home, these roles are based on an in-store shift pattern.

What's It Like To Work For EE?

EE is an organisation that is focused on its customers as well as its employees. It offers many perks for employees, such as 50% off EE or BT mobile plans for employees and discounts for friends and family.

EE also offers paid days off for employees to work on charity projects and supports them through their career and home life. As EE is part of the BT group, roles at EE offer the opportunity to develop your career across the group.