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Getting A Job At Experian

Experian is an information services organisation that uses data to help inform and improve consumers' and businesses ' financial health.

With offices in 44 countries worldwide and with over 17,000 people, Experian collates, analyses, and processes data to help their clients meet financial goals.

Experian has a wide range of opportunities on offer for those at university and those who have previous work experience in the specialist fields that Experian works in.

Experian Values

Experian has a clear strategy for how the business operates in providing financial health to all of its clients.

Their values underpin this in how they approach achieving this strategy:

  • Treating data with respect
  • Inspiring and supporting their people
  • Working with integrity
  • Protecting the environment

As an organisation, Experian has clear goals and objectives for the business and clear values that each of its employees works by to help create a supportive and inclusive working culture.

Types Of Roles At Experian

As a global organisation that works with consumers, small and large businesses, Experian has a variety of roles in:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • UK, Ireland, and EMEA

Opportunities are split by specialism:

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Product Development
  • Analytics
  • Customer Services

For candidates based in the UK, Ireland Experian offers career opportunities for those starting their professional working career. Their early career opportunities include joining at an apprentice, Industrial placement, or graduate level.

Experian offers internship opportunities for students who are still at university or completing their MBA programme for those based in North America.

Globally, specialist vacancies are offered to those who have prior work experience, with vacancies depending upon location and availability within the business.

Hiring Process At Experian

The hiring process at Experian is a well-defined process that uses different selection tools such as psychometric tests, personality questionnaires, and competency-based interviews.

There are four stages to the Experian hiring process:

  • Online application
  • Online testing
  • Video interview
  • Final interview/assessment centre

The types of tests candidates sit depends on the level and type of role applied for. It is worth remembering that the assessment candidates sit as part of their recruitment and selection process are tailored to the position they are applying for. This is so the information gained from the tests is relevant and helps inform the final selection decision.

Experian Online Application

The first take of the recruitment and selection process for roles at Experian requires candidates to make an application online.

All applications are taken via a CV uploading process. As part of this process, candidates will also be required to answer some basic screening questions and include their contact details.

Experian SHL Aptitude Tests

As part of the recruitment and selection process for roles at Experian, candidates need to complete a series of online assessments. These tests are provided by the psychometric test provider SHL and include psychometric ability tests and a situational judgment assessment.

The types of tests may vary according to the role, for example, if the role applied to is highly specialised.

For many roles, there are three psychometric ability tests included in the process:

  • Numerical reasoning tests
  • Verbal reasoning tests
  • Diagrammatic reasoning tests

Experian Numerical Reasoning Tests

The Experian numerical reasoning test is an online timed test that assesses a candidate's numerical ability, which measures a person's ability to work with, understand and analyse numerical data. Candidates need to use their numerical reasoning and understanding of mathematical principles to work with the data provided to and determine the correct answer.

The test measures the use of mathematical concepts such as statistics, ratio's, percentages, and fractions. Answers are presented as multiple choice answers.

As the tests are timed it is important to work quickly but accurately. If you aren't sure of an answer mark your best guess and then move on to the next question.

Experian Verbal Reasoning Tests

The verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to read, understand, and analyse information that is presented in the form of passages of text.

This test measures your reading comprehension abilities and requires candidates to use their verbal reasoning skills to solve problems. This ability is directly linked to roles in Experian where using written and verbal data might be key.

Questions are presented as a series of passages. Answers are given as statements. Candidates need to read the statements and determine whether the statements are true, false or they 'cannot say' based on the conclusions drawn from reading the text.

It is important to remember that when completing a verbal reasoning test to only use the information presented in the passage of information and not to draw on any outside knowledge in making your inferences.

Again this test is timed, so working quickly is required. It is important to make sure you have read the information given carefully and not to skim read the text or statements.

Experian Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

The diagrammatic reasoning test is essentially a test of problem-solving using abstract or non-verbal information.

Information is presented in the form of shapes, patterns of sequences. Candidates need to use their logical reasoning skills to look at this information and determine the link or relationship between the data presented. Then select which of the diagrams, shapes, or patterns follows next based on the rule or relationship that has been determined.

This test assessed whether a candidate could think logically and based upon the information provided to make correct conclusions.

This type of test is often a test that many candidates find challenging due to the timed nature of the test and the format that the test takes.

Remaining calm and keeping level-headed when completing the test will enable your true abilities to come through.

Experian Situational Judgment Tests

The Experian situational judgment tests are different from the ability tests in that they do not assess an innate ability. This test focuses on the way a candidate prefers to behave when in the workplace.

The test takes the form of a questionnaire; questions are presented as scenarios. These scenarios are similar to situations that candidates will face when working on the job at Experian. Candidates need to read the scenario carefully and then select how they would behave when faced with the situation from the list of statements.

This behavioural test isn't timed in the same way that the psychometric ability tests are. In addition, there are no right or wrong answers to the situational judgment test as there are with ability tests.

When completing a situational judgment test, make sure you read the question and answer the question honestly without second-guessing what you think the recruiter wants to hear. Different scenarios that focus on the same behaviour will be asked in various situations, so making sure you answer the questions honestly will mean that an accurate picture of how you prefer to behave in workplace situations will be presented.

Experian Competency-Based Interview

Competency-based interviews are included as the latter parts of the recruitment process.

Depending on the level of role applied to, competency-based interviews could take the form of:

  • Pre-recorded video interviews, where candidates record their responses to a set of questions and then send these responses to a recruiter.
  • Included as part of an assessment day where candidates are interviewed face to face by an interviewer.

There are five competencies that Experian assesses against:

  • Driven to deliver
  • Willing to contribute
  • Intellectually curious
  • Proud to collaborate and be yourself
  • Accountable

When attending a competency-based interview, it is essential to prepare for the interview. Review these competencies and behaviours, and then think of specific examples or situations from your previous experience that you can use to describe when you have demonstrated these competencies.

Using a framework such as the STAR method (situation, task action, result) when preparing and sharing your answers in an interview means that you provide a complete answer demonstrating the competency being assessed.

What Is It Like To Work At Experian?

Experian is an organisation that values innovation and integrity. Termed the 'Experian way,' the organisation has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, ensuring that everyone has a voice. As part of this, many employee resource groups operate locally. They are focused on enabling everyone in the organisation to work together and better understand the diverse talent within the organisation.

Experian also has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and has many CSR aims that it has committed to reaching.

In addition, the organisation offers a hybrid way of working for its employees as allowed by the role.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Experian

Experian has a clear and defined recruitment and selection process. There are many things that candidates can do to ensure that they perform at their best through each stage of the recruitment process.

Research The Company

As a global company that has a clear mission and values, it is essential for candidates to thoroughly research the company, especially the area that they hope to join.

There are many specialist areas within the company, and understanding how your chosen area fits into the organisation is essential. Knowing the company's values and why these are important to you will demonstrate your commitment to the role and a career with Experian.

Practice Tests

Making sure that you have practiced the psychometric tests that you will be asked to sit as part of the recruitment process is key to your preparation.

Ensuring that you practice the tests at varying levels of difficulty and under timed test conditions means that you become familiar with the format and the style of questioning.

Doing so will also mean that you gain confidence and set the tests in a positive frame of mind so that your natural ability comes through.

Have Your Own Questions Prepared

It is important to remember that an interview is a two-way process. The interviewer wants to determine whether you have the skills, competencies, and behaviours required for the role.

For candidates, it is the opportunity to find out whether this role and Experian as a company are where you want to start or continue your working career. To enable you to find out more about the company, take advantage of having an Experian employee sitting in front of you and have some questions prepared that will give you further insight into the organisation. These could be questions about the working culture in practice or what the interviewer enjoys about working at Experian.

These questions will give you more information on the role, real-life working practices, and whether working at Experian is for you.

Sample Experian Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

During a review of yearly financial reports, it was noticed that the cost of goods sold (COGS) amounted to 60% of sales each year for five years. However, the sixth year showed COGS at 65%. This change could be a result of which of the following?

  • Decreased overall sales volume.
  • Improved efficiency in product manufacturing.
  • Increased raw material costs without a corresponding rise in sales price.
  • Reduction in administrative costs.

In a trend analysis of financial transaction volumes, if the pattern shows an alternating increase of 50% and a decrease of 30% every month, what is the net percentage change over two months?

  • 5% increase
  • 15% decrease
  • 20% increase
  • 10% decrease

Using the data provided, calculate the average annual percentage growth rate if the five-year revenue data is as follows: Year 1: $1.5M, Year 2: $1.7M, Year 3: $2.0M, Year 4: $2.4M, Year 5: $2.9M.

  • 17.8%
  • 14.2%
  • 19.7%
  • 15.6%

When analyzing client feedback, a consistent topic has been the complexity of interpreting credit score data. Which revision would best help in improving clients' understanding?

  • Providing explanatory literature along with score reports
  • Decreasing the amount of data provided in reports
  • Creating an intuitive dashboard for a visual representation of data
  • Offering a subscription for detailed analytical commentary

A statement reads: 'Our data-analytics division has seen a 10% quarter-on-quarter increase in operational efficiency after streamlining the data collection process.' After reading the statement, what can be inferred about the division's operation post-process adjustment?

  • The streamlining caused a reduction in operational efficiency.
  • Operational efficiency remained constant.
  • The streamlining led to increased operational efficiency.
  • The division's operational efficiency cannot be determined from the statement.

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Experian Assessments FAQs

What are the Experian tests?

Experian tests are tailored assessments used during their hiring process to evaluate a candidate's suitability for specific roles within the company. These tests often include data analysis, problem-solving, and situational judgment components.

Are the Experian tests hard?

The difficulty of Experian tests can vary, as they are designed to measure a wide range of skills and competencies related to the position you're applying for. Typically, they are challenging enough to distinguish between candidates of different ability levels.

How do I prepare for Experian tests?

Preparing for Experian tests is best accomplished through practice. Familiarizing yourself with the test types and formats is crucial, and Techtest offers an array of practice tests to help you get ready and boost your confidence.

How long does the recruitment process take at Experian?

The overall recruitment process duration at Experian may vary based on the role and the number of applicants. It typically involves several stages, including the preliminary tests, interviews, and final selection, and can take several weeks to complete.

What are Experian's core values?

Experian's core values include innovation, responsibility, and empowerment. They are committed to using data and analytics to create a better future and value employees who can contribute to this mission with fresh ideas and a responsible approach.