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Getting A Job At HP

Hewlett-Packard, or more commonly known, HP, is an American company that manufactures and produces computer software for both personal and business use. The recruitment process at HP is comprehensive, consisting of many different stages.

HP offers careers at many different levels depending on the amount of experience a candidate has or what stage they are at in their academic career.

To get a job at HP candidates need to be aware of HP's values and how these are important to the day-to-day role and vision of HP.

Candidates also need to prepare for each stage of the recruitment process and be willing and able to demonstrate what they can bring to a role at HP and also to the company.

HP Values

HP's values encompass how the company and employers work in their everyday roles and grow the organisation.

HP's values are:

  • Partner
  • Innovate
  • Act

These values encompass HP as an organisation in how they grow and innovate their products and services. How HP treats and deals with its customers through providing a high-quality customer experience and value from its products. Also, how HP commits to its employees and recognises that people are the heart of the organisation.

Types Of Roles At HP

HP offers a variety of different roles to candidates, dependent on their level of experience and where they are in their academic careers.

Roles are available for:

  • Students/Graduates
  • Experienced professionals
  • Military veterans

Some of the specialist areas that HP recruits into include:

  • Business Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Security
  • HR
  • IT
  • Supply chain
  • Legal
  • Sales and marketing

Hiring Process At HP

HP has a rigorous recruitment and selection process for the hiring of candidates into roles. This process consists of three distinct stages.

  • Online application form
  • Online aptitude tests
  • Assessment centre

The online aptitude test stage and assessment centre stage consists of multiple assessments that candidates need to complete.

It is worth noting that there may be variations to the process according to the type of role applied. For example, some technical roles may require candidates to complete specific technical assessments. These assessments assess a candidate's specialist technical knowledge and understanding in their chosen field.

HP Online Application

Applications are made by searching for the desired position, then applying directly to this role.

The HP online application requires candidates to upload an up-to-date copy of their CV. In some instances, candidates may also be required to complete an application form and upload a covering letter.

It is also worth noting that if there aren't any currently available positions in a specific specialism, candidates can complete and submit their profile. In this case, candidates will then be notified when a role matching their profile becomes available.

HP Aptitude Tests

There are three main online aptitude tests candidates need to complete for roles at HP:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test

Depending on the role applied to there may be additional tests to complete at this stage of the recruitment process.

HP Numerical Reasoning Test

The HP numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's numerical ability. Candidates are presented with data; this could be in the form of a passage of text containing numerical information or as data presented in graphs or tables.

Candidates are then required to use basic mathematical knowledge and principles to determine the correct answer to the question. Answers are usually presented as multiple choice.

The numerical reasoning test is a timed test, so it is advisable to work quickly but accurately. Marks can only be given for questions that have an answer, so if you aren't sure of an answer, candidates should select the answer that is their best guess and then move on to the next question. This approach ensures that there is enough time to complete the test.

HP Verbal Reasoning Test

The HP verbal reasoning test is similar to a reading comprehension test. This test assesses a candidate's ability to read information and then to answer questions on this information.

Candidates are provided with a passage of text which they have to read and understand. The questions that follow are concerning the passage of text and are in the form of statements. Candidates then need to decide whether the statement is false, true, or not based on the information given.

Again this test is a timed test. It is essential to take the time to properly read the information given and the statement that follows to ensure that you don't misinterpret what is being asked.

HP Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests look at a candidate's ability to use their logical thinking to read, understand, and analyse information then determine the relationship between this information.

Candidates are provided with information in the form of shapes or sequences. They then need to figure out which of the multiple answers is correct by determining which shape follows next in the sequence or pattern. The shapes presented can be abstract, rotated or mirror images.

Using logical thinking, keeping calm, and taking your time to determine the relationship, sequence, or pattern helps candidates perform at their best in this test.

HP Assessment Centre

The HP assessment centre comprises several different assessments that can include a written exercise and presentation exercise. Some roles also require candidates to take part in a group assessment.

HP Written Exercise

The written assessments can include a variety of aptitude tests such as a:

  • General ability test: this test is aligned to the role applied to.
  • Verbal ability test: as with the online tests, this assessment assesses a candidate's ability to read, understand, and extract information from a passage of text and then answer questions on this.
  • Technical test: some specialist roles require candidates to complete a technical test. This test assesses a candidate's technical skills, knowledge, and aptitude in their specialism. Technical tests may also include a technical interview.

HP Presentation Task

The presentation exercise assesses a candidate's communication skills. It is essential to recognise that in this assessment, listening skills are an integral part of the presentation exercise as questions may be asked at the end of the presentation.

Being aware of your body language and pace and tone of your voice when delivering the presentation is important. It is essential to practice your presentation before the assessment exercise and to ensure you maintain eye contact with the audience you are presenting to.

What Is It Like To Work At HP?

HP is a company that focuses on its people, creating a culture that enables its employees to work at their best.

The company offers a total rewards programme that includes a base salary, subsidised health insurance, a performance-related bonus, training when on the job, and support for employees who want to continue to develop their careers at HP.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At HP

HP is a large organisation with roles in many countries in various specialisms and at many different levels.

There are many things that candidates can do before they apply for a role and while in the recruitment and selection process to give them the best chance of getting hired at HP.

Do Your Research

With the sheer variety of roles and specialisms, it is important to research roles that your skills and experience align to. Also, thoroughly research HP as an organisation, its values, and culture to ensure that these match with your own.

HP will want to see candidates demonstrate their commitment to the role and a career with the organisation. Being able to articulate in your own words why you want to work at HP and in the role is essential and comes with having done your research.

Prepare For The Recruitment Process

HP has a comprehensive recruitment process. To perform at your best throughout this process, ensure that you prepare. This means understanding what is required at each stage and carrying out a self-assessment on your skills and how you have developed them.

Candidates may also want to complete the HP candidate profile to see which of the roles at HP many suit their skills and experience. Practicing before any assessments and positively approaching each assessment will also help you perform at your best.

Practice Tests To Build Confidence

It is vital to practise the tests you will be sitting as part of the HP recruitment process before sitting the actual test itself. Practising under timed conditions, in an environment free from distractions helps simulate the test conditions you will face when sitting the real test. Also, remember to practice tests of varying levels of difficulty to ensure that any areas of weakness are identified so that you can work on these.

Practicing tests means that you become familiar with the format and the style of questioning which will give you confidence when it comes to sitting the test itself.

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HP Assessments FAQs

When Does HP Recruit?

HP recruits on an ongoing basis. Roles are advertised on their website and can be found by country and category. Early career roles for graduates, apprenticeships, and internships are also available, with the posted and closing dates often included in the job description.

There may be some variation to the recruitment cycle, especially for early careers roles, so it is always good to sign up for careers alerts or keep checking the HP website, so you don't miss any shorter closing dates.

What Kind Of People Does HP Hire?

HP hires candidates who are committed to HP's values, demonstrate good communication skills, and have the required specialist skills or experience as appropriate.

HP looks for candidates who value innovation and working together as a team to excel.

Is HP A Good Company To Work For?

HP offers its employees a variety of benefits, ongoing training, and a commitment to developing an employee's career. With roles and opportunities available in many countries globally and a wide range of specialisms, candidates can find out about many different opportunities that would enable them to build their career with HP.

Does HP Pay Well?

HP offers a competitive salary for its employees. In addition to this, there is a total reward programme that includes health insurance, a bonus that is performance-dependent, and many other employee-related benefits that you would find with a large global employer.