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Getting A Job At Leidos

Getting a job at Leidos is an exciting prospect for anyone looking to get into the technology, engineering, and science industries. Leidos is a global leader in these industries and provides excellent opportunities for those who qualify.

The company offers prospective employees with a chance to build their experience and grow professionally while working alongside experts in the field.

To ensure success in their job application process, candidates should take the time to learn about what sets Leidos apart from other employers.

A strong candidate will understand what makes Leidos unique, such as its commitment to innovation and its dedication to being an ethical employer. Candidates should also be aware of how their skillset aligns with the company’s mission statement and vision for the future.

Leidos Values

Leidos is committed to six core values that guide its work:

  • Integrity - ensures that customers can trust that they are provided with quality services and reliable data, while employees can trust their work will be valued and their rights respected.

  • Inclusion - Leidos believes that an inclusive culture drives innovation and accelerates progress. By encouraging diverse ideas, opinions, and perspectives they create an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected and supported.

  • Innovation - to ensure they stay at the forefront of innovation, Leidos employees are empowered to take risks, embrace failure as part of learning, and think outside the box when it comes to problem solving.

  • Agility - at Leidos, agility is seen as an ongoing process that requires constantly adapting to new technologies and changing customer needs. The company sees it as both a strategy and an operational capability, allowing it to respond quickly when market conditions or customer requirements change.

  • Collaboration - involves employees from all levels of the organization working together to create and deliver the best products and services for their clients. By pooling diverse expertise, resources, ideas, and perspectives across different disciplines and departments, Leidos can develop more effective solutions.

  • Commitment - Leidos prides itself on delivering reliable products and services with a great sense of urgency. Its commitment to excellence means that it always strives for perfection when servicing its customers' needs.

Types Of Roles At Leidos

Roles range from technical positions such as software engineering and programming to management opportunities like program directors or project managers.

In addition to technical roles, there are also sales positions within business development teams responsible for developing customer relationships and identifying new business opportunities.

Other job openings include administrative support staff such as human resources personnel or finance professionals.

Hiring Process At Leidos

Hiring the right individuals for a company is essential to its success. As one of the world's leading technology companies, Leidos understands this and has implemented a thorough hiring process that includes the following:

  • Online application
  • Phone interview
  • Aptitude tests
  • Video interview
  • In-person interview

Leidos Online Application

The hiring process at Leidos starts with an online application form. The content of this form will vary depending on the role being applied for. However, there are some key elements that should always be included when applying for a job at Leidos.

First and foremost is providing up-to-date contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address. This is especially important because it allows hiring managers to easily reach candidates in case of questions or scheduling an interview.

A resume should also be provided with the application form which highlights previous work history as well as any relevant skills and experience applicable to the position being sought after.

Finally, if requested, applicants should provide references by including names, titles and contact information of people who can speak to their past work performance and qualifications.

Leidos Phone Interview

The phone interview allows the hiring team to gain insight into how the candidate will fit within their organization, as well as get an understanding of their experience and skillset.

The best way to prepare for a phone interview with Leidos is to be organized and ready with all relevant information. Candidates should have their resume in front of them or on-hand, as well as any additional documents that may be requested by the interviewer.

Leidos Aptitude Tests

Leidos uses aptitude tests to measure a person's current skillset, rather than just relying on their qualifications or experience.

Depending on the role, candidates may be required to take some of the following tests:

Leidos Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are a type of psychometric assessment used by Leidos to evaluate candidates’ ability to understand written language, draw conclusions, and make logical judgments.

These tests often consist of questions that ask candidates to read through a passage, then select the correct answer from the multiple-choice options based on their comprehension of the text.

Leidos Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests evaluate a candidate’s ability to work with numbers and data. This type of assessment is commonly used in finance, technology, engineering and other technical fields.

Numerical reasoning questions typically involve interpreting information from graphs, tables and mathematical equations. They may require candidates to calculate ratios, percentages or probabilities from data provided in the test.

Leidos Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgement tests measure a candidate's capability to handle real-life situations they may encounter while employed at the company. Leidos uses this assessment as part of its recruitment process to identify the individuals who have the right skills and values to fit into their organizational culture.

Leidos Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests are designed to measure a person’s ability to recognize patterns, analyze complex problems, and draw meaningful conclusions. Questions on these tests can range from simple pattern recognition to more difficult problem-solving tasks.

Leidos Coding Test

Coding tests are designed to evaluate how well an applicant can solve problems related to software development, and determine if they have the abilities and knowledge to meet the demands of their position.

Leidos Video Interview

During this type of interview, applicants answer questions posed by the employer in a video recording. Candidates will have an allotted amount of time to record their responses and may include visual aids or documents as part of their submission if asked.

Leidos will provide instructions on how they would like the video recorded, such as background requirements or lighting needs.

The number of questions and how long you have to answer each one will vary depending on the job being applied for.

Leidos In-Person Interview

An interview for a job at Leidos is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s important to understand what to expect during the process.

Leidos interviews will typically begin with an introduction of you and your qualifications followed by questions that focus on assessing your experience, skills, and abilities.

The interviewer may also ask how you would handle various scenarios within their organization or ask about any special talents or certifications you may have related to the job.

The final part of the interview is often reserved for addressing any questions you have about the job itself or about Leidos in general.

What Is It Like To Work At Leidos?

At Leidos, employees are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. With flexible working options, training resources, and career development opportunities employees have plenty of chances to expand their skill set while working with some of the most innovative minds in their field.

From collaborative work environments to exciting challenges on high-profile projects, there is something for everyone at Leidos—regardless of their role.

Top Tips For Getting Hired At Leidos

1. Understand Leidos’s values

Having a good understanding of Lidos’s values is essential for any job seeker looking to start their career. Knowing these values helps you to understand how you can use your skillset to best fit into their team.

It also gives the hiring managers an indication that you have done research on the company and have taken initiative to become familiar with them, which can help set yourself apart from other applicants.

2. Familiarize yourself with aptitude tests

By practicing aptitude tests you can develop a better understanding of different kinds of numerical, verbal and logical reasoning problems as well as becoming familiar with various workplace scenarios you may encounter.

There are Lidos-style aptitude tests available online which can provide an insight into what you can expect during your test - giving you a chance to prepare beforehand.

3. Research common interview questions

To give yourself an edge during your interview with Leidos, it is essential to do some research on common questions that may be asked. By doing this ahead of time, you can ensure that you are well-prepared and ready to answer any questions asked by the hiring manager.

4. Use industry-specific language

This language can include specific terminology, acronyms, and jargon that are commonly used in the industry you are applying for.

Including this type of language during an interview shows employers that you know what you’re talking about and understand the nuances of their work environment.

It also gives insight into your level of knowledge in their area of expertise and shows that you care about staying up to date with industry trends. This can be incredibly beneficial in setting yourself apart from other applicants who may not have taken the time to become familiar with relevant terms.

5. Be confident and enthusiastic

Interviews can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but having a confident and enthusiastic attitude is the key to acing your next job interview.

Confidence is the most important factor in an interview setting, as it will help you make a great first impression. Being positive and optimistic during an interview shows that you are passionate about the role and engaged in what the hiring manager has to say.

Sample Leidos Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

Which of the boxes comes next in the sequence?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

If a project is divided into three phases and the first phase takes up 30% of the total budget of $200,000, how much money has been allocated for the remaining two phases?

  • $140,000
  • $60,000
  • $70,000
  • $120,000

When observing a trend line on a performance report, you notice that as the number of integrated systems increases, system failures decrease. What can be inferred from this observation?

  • System failures are independent of the number of integrated systems.
  • More integrated systems cause an increase in system failures.
  • There may be a correlation between the number of integrated systems and a reduction in system failures.
  • Integrated systems have no effect on performance.

Which of the following is the next figure in the series: square, circle, triangle, square, circle, ...?

  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon

A technical document describes a system that 'purges extraneous data periodically to maintain efficiency and safeguard against information bloat.' What is the document most likely discussing?

  • Data compression methodology
  • Database indexing techniques
  • Data backup and storage protocols
  • Data cleaning processes

After reading a proposal for a new engineering project, you conclude that the proposed budget is insufficient for the project's scope. Which of the following best describes this type of reasoning?

  • Inductive reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Analogical reasoning
  • Abductive reasoning

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Leidos Assessments Tips

Know the basics

Brush up on your foundational tech knowledge. From programming concepts to system analysis, knowing the basics will give you a solid ground to stand on.

Practice makes perfect

Take advantage of practice tests to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you may face. Techtest offers a variety of free practice tests for your advantage.

Time management

Time can slip away during a test. Practice managing it wisely, so you can give each question its due diligence without running out of time.

Simulate the test environment

Create an environment similar to the testing one. This can help reduce stress on the actual day and improve your performance.

Mindset and rest

Ensure you're well-rested and maintain a positive mindset. A clear mind will help you analyze and solve questions more effectively.

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Leidos Assessments FAQs

What are the Leidos tests?

Leidos utilizes a series of tests designed to assess technical knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These are tailored to match the demands of the varied roles within the company and often reflect real-world scenarios one might encounter on the job.

Are the Leidos tests hard?

The difficulty of Leidos tests can vary based on your familiarity with the subject matter and your test-taking skills. Some candidates find the scenarios challenging, as they test both knowledge and application under time constraints.

How do I prepare for Leidos tests?

Preparing for Leidos tests is best achieved through practice. Taking practice tests, such as those available on Techtest, can significantly improve your readiness and confidence for the real evaluation.

How long does the recruitment process take at Leidos?

The recruitment process length at Leidos can vary depending on the role and the number of applicants but generally involves multiple stages, each taking anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

What are Leidos's core values?

Leidos is committed to integrity, innovation, agility, collaboration, and dedication. These core values guide the company's mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through information technology, engineering, and science.