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Getting A Job At Lenovo

Lenovo (Lenovo Group Limited) is a global American/Chinese-owned technology company that manufactures and designs smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, and storage devices, Lenovo has offices in over 60 countries and markets its products to over 180 countries.

Lenovo's recruitment process is competitive offering vacancies for both students and experienced hire candidates. By understanding the cultural values and demonstrating the skills required for the role, you can stand out from other candidates and secure a position with this popular employer.

Lenovo Values

The working culture at Lenovo is centered around four core values:

  • Serving our customers
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teamwork with integrity and trust

These values help create a culture of diversity and inclusion across Lenovo's business. Employees are recognised for their individuality and their perspectives in driving innovation. Everyone at Lenovo is encouraged to be their authentic self and encourage one another in doing so.

Lenovo extends this to the global communities it serves and its customers through the products the company designs.

Types Of Roles At Lenovo

Lenovo has several opportunities open to students and those who have gained previous working experience in specialist areas.

Vacancies are advertised according to location, type of programme, or experience level. Opportunities can vary according to location but are available across all areas of the Lenovo business, such as:

  • Human resources
  • Engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Research and development
  • Procurement
  • Sales

Student opportunities are advertised according to the year of study with vacancies for 12-month placements, summer internships, and full-time graduate roles.

Hiring Process At Lenovo

Lenovo's hiring process comprises of three stages: an online application form, online tests, and a final interview. There may be additional assessments included for specialist roles.

Lenovo Online Application

The first stage of the Lenovo process is searching and finding your preferred role. Once identified, candidates apply for their chosen vacancy via the Lenovo online recruitment system.

You need to create your own recruitment account then complete the necessary application steps. These include completing the online application form, answering the application form questions, and uploading your CV tailored to the role you are applying for.

Candidates can apply for more than one role at any one time. All job descriptions detail the academic, skills, and experience required for the role. When applying for vacancies, it is important to only apply for positions you meet the requirements for.

Lenovo Aptitude Tests

The Lenovo recruitment process requires candidates to sit four separate ability tests. Each test assessing a specific aptitude:

  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Logical reasoning

Additional tests may be included for those who have applied for specialist vacancies or programme specific vacancies. Candidates may be asked to complete the tests following application submission or after successfully completing the interview stage.

Lenovo Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

The diagrammatic reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to problem solve using abstract information such as shapes or patterns.

In this timed, multiple-choice test, questions are presented in the form of shapes or patterns. Candidates need to determine the sequence between the diagrams, then use this information to determine which of the multiple-choice answers follows next in the sequence.

This test evaluates a candidate's logical thinking skills, ability to solve problems using non-verbal information, and how adept candidates are at working under pressure.

Lenovo Numerical Reasoning Tests

Lenovo's numerical reasoning test assesses how well candidates can use numerical information to solve problems.

Questions are given in the form of charts, graphs, or tables. Using your working knowledge of concepts such as percentages, ratios, or fractions, you need to select which of the multiple-choice answers given is the correct solution to the question.

The timed nature of the test means that candidates need to work well under pressure and remain calm. It is advisable to work quickly but accurately when completing this test.

Lenovo Verbal Reasoning Tests

The verbal reasoning test is a reading comprehension test. This assessment looks at a candidate's ability to read and understand words and passages of text and then use this information to answer the questions that follow.

The questions are presented as statements. Candidates need to determine whether the statement is true, false, or they can not say based on the information they have just read. This test also determines how well candidates can extract information from the text and whether they make logical inferences from this information.

As the test is timed, it is essential to ensure you have correctly read the question before answering.

Lenovo Logical Reasoning Tests

The logical reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to reason and come to logical conclusions using non-verbal information. In a logical reasoning test, information is given in the form of shapes, patterns, or diagrams. You need to interpret this information and determine the rule or pattern between the information provided. Then apply your logic to determine which of the answers given is correct.

This test measures a candidate's ability to problem-solve, and think critically, making logical inferences from the information you are presented with.

Lenovo Interviews

Depending on the role or programme applied for, interviews can either be telephone-based or face to face.

Telephone interviews are usually post-application stage and last around 45 minutes. The questions are focused on assessing a candidate's technical abilities (where relevant) and their behaviours in work situations. These questions require candidates to share their actions in previous past work or educational situations and give an insight into a candidate's values and traits.

Candidates that reach the final stage of the Lenovo recruitment process are invited to attend a face-to-face interview. This interview may form part of an assessment centre.

Behavioural and technical questions are asked in this interview, enabling recruiters to understand a candidate's skills and experience better. Candidates' responses to questions also help recruiters to determine how well they will fit into the working culture at Lenovo and their on-the-job performance.

What Is It Like To Work At Lenovo?

Lenovo holds diversity and inclusion at the heart of its core values. The company operates an open and honest culture where everyone is encouraged to be themselves. There are several employee resource groups where employees can connect with each other and who share their common values and beliefs.

As an organisation, Lenovo offers a variety of workplace benefits such as flexible working, well-being programmes, and stock purchase options. Employees are also encouraged to develop their careers while at Lenovo through its learning and development offering.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Lenovo

The recruitment process at Lenovo is competitive. In spite of this, there are many things that you can do to help you perform at your best.

Practice lots of aptitude tests

The best thing that you can do to prepare for the aptitude tests is to practice. Practicing lots of tests means you become familiar with the format and the style of questions and also how you react under the time pressure of the tests. Make sure that you practice all of the tests you will be taking, not just those you feel you need to work on.

Doing so means that you can master the abilities that are strengths for you and improve areas of weakness.

Research the company

Showing that you have researched the company and can demonstrate your commitment to a career at Lenovo is key to showing to recruiters that you want to work at the company. Ensure you have reviewed the Lenovo website and read current employees' stories.

When answering questions on working at Lenovo, use your research and make it personal to you to help explain why the culture and values of Lenovo fit your own.

Meet all the job requirements

All Lenovo job descriptions detail the candidate requirements for the role. These include the academic requirements, skills, and any specialist experience required. It is essential to review this information and ensure that you meet all requirements before applying for the vacancy.

This shows that you have read the job description, reflected on your skills and experience, and can act with integrity - one of the values at Lenovo.

Sample Lenovo Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

An employee handbook outlines that staff should follow a specific workflow when dealing with customer service inquiries: receive inquiry, log inquiry, allocate to department, resolve issue, and provide feedback. If logging of a query is skipped, which step would logically be the next in the process?

  • Receive inquiry
  • Allocate to department
  • Resolve issue
  • Provide feedback

In a particular product launch strategy, certain steps must be followed: designing, prototyping, testing, marketing, and distribution. If marketing is done before testing, which step should immediately follow prototyping?

  • Designing
  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

A team of engineers works faster than a single engineer. Four engineers can draft a new device design in 12 hours. How long would it take for two engineers to complete the same design?

  • 6 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 48 hours

During the quality control process, an issue is noted in 2 out of every 25 devices. If 1000 devices are produced in a week, on average, how many devices would be expected to have issues?

  • 40
  • 80
  • 100
  • 20

A team leader is assessing the risks associated with a new project and assigns a value to each potential obstacle. If the sum of values for all assessed risks is 35, and the project has seven identified risks, what is the average risk value assigned per obstacle?

  • 7
  • 4
  • 5
  • 3

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Lenovo Assessments Tips

Know Your Tech Basics

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Simulate the Test Environment

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Stay Calm and Confident

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Review and Reflect

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Lenovo Assessments FAQs

Is it hard to get a job at Lenovo?

The recruitment process at Lenovo is challenging. Candidates are evaluated on their skills, experience, and abilities as relevant to the role. To be successful in the process, you need to demonstrate your willingness to learn and develop in your chosen field, be driven to succeed and show that you are a self-starter.

Understanding Lenovo as an organisation, its culture, values, and focus on innovation and how you have previously demonstrated this is an essential part of being successful in the recruitment process.

How should I prepare for the Lenovo interview?

When answering interview questions, format your answers using the STAR technique so you can fully demonstrate your skills, experience, and behaviours in previous situations. Make sure you have researched Lenovo as an organisation and can show your commitment to a career with the company.

By researching and preparing for both the aptitude tests and interviews, you can show that you have the skills, experience, and behaviours for a career at Lenovo.