Ocado Assessments

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Getting A Job At Ocado

Ocado is a supermarket company that offers multiple different career routes and positions. It focuses on making innovative change and continuing its success through exploring new pathways and finding beneficial solutions. With 10 partners, its community encourages growth and success throughout every area of the company.

Ocado Values

As a workforce, Ocado brings about innovative change, developing new solutions as it advances upon the leading supermarket scene as an online retailer. Its environmentally responsible approach, 'Ocado Unlimited', involves three pillars of corporate responsibility, with a focus on "natural resources, skills for the future and responsible sourcing".

Types Of Roles At Ocado

Ocado offers multiple opportunities within its workforce, providing a range of positions across the company, including technology, engineering, delivery, warehouse operatives, business and managerial, and early careers positions. Ranging from the production to personally servicing customers, Ocado values its employees' hard work that has helped its success.

Hiring Process At Ocado

Ocado's hiring process, like many others, is completed predominantly online by first applying for a position on Ocado's website and then having a telephone interview. Following this, an online assessment may take place, and if the candidate is successful, a video interview. The hiring process is completed by attending an assessment centre.

Ocado Online Application

The online application form asks the candidate to fill out various information about their academic qualifications, previous employment experiences, and to provide personal details. Ocado commonly advertises its open positions on their website under 'careers' and across other big employment websites, such as Indeed.

Ocado Telephone Interview

Once a candidate's application form has been approved, they will be given a telephone interview from Ocado's HR team, which requires them to answer questions about the company and its functions and business. The candidate will also be questioned in regards to the personal information included in their application form.

Ocado Aptitude Tests

Online assessments have become increasingly popular within large organisations, who use them to make the hiring process more efficient and effective. Assessments mainly comprise of psychometric tests, which investigate basic academic knowledge, problem solving and decision making skills, and personal abilities.

Ocado's online assessment consists of psychometric numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests. These tests are completed to give the employer an idea of the candidates' basic skills.

The candidates require no prior knowledge, as the answer can be determined from the data and information given. Practice tests for Ocado's online assessments are available online, and are a good way for candidates to become familiar with psychometric testing, including the kinds of questions they may be asked. This is especially useful if they have not completed an online assessment before.

Practising online tests improves the candidate's chance of success in passing the tests and moving onto video interviews.

Ocado Numerical Reasoning Test

Ocado's online Numerical Reasoning test asks candidates to answer questions about the information provided in the form of numerical data. Therefore, to be successful, candidates must have a basic understanding of tables and graphs.

Ocado makes an online assessment of these skills to better understand the candidates' potential work performance and ensure that they will be able to understand and work with numerical data on the job. This ability to handle numerical data is particularly important within the job positions that include working in technology, engineering, managerial and business, and warehouse operatives. These roles demand specific expertise and abilities for the company's innovation and functioning.

Ocado Verbal Reasoning Test

In the Verbal Reasoning test, the candidate is provided with information in the form of a passage of text. The candidate must answer questions that relate to the text, which typically involves deciding whether a statement provided in the question is true, false, or cannot be determined. Ocado assesses the candidate's basic problem solving and written communication skills to ensure that they will be able to work efficiently and perform well on the job. These reasoning skills are integral to every position within Ocado's organisation, from managerial and business positions to delivery positions, to guarantee coherent company operation and customer satisfaction.

Ocado Video Interview

Ocado's video interviewing stage allows the employer to gain an understanding of the candidate's problem solving and decision making skills. The candidate will be asked questions about how they have dealt with difficult situations within previous employment and the actions they took to resolve a situation. Sometimes, a demonstration of skills may be required.

Ocado Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre stage of the hiring process is the final stage and focuses on the candidate's team-working skills. Numerous candidates will be invited to an assessment centre on one day at a chosen location, where they will complete further assessments in person.

The candidates are assessed on their team skills, considering that they will be working in a team setting at Ocado. These assessments include simple team exercises, for example, building towers with food and some more formal, job-related assessments such as dealing with more numerical data and using problem solving skills in different scenarios.

What Is It Like To Work At Ocado?

In Ocado's office-based positions, Ocado offers employees the option to work remotely, bringing in their teams on coordinated days to ensure a connected but satisfied workforce. Additionally, Ocado acknowledges their employees' different issues with location and wellbeing and are willing to be flexible to help the employee.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Ocado

Practice Tests

Practice verbal and numerical reasoning tests for Ocado are available online. Though questions are not always identical to the questions that may be asked during the real test, they are a great way for you to familiarise yourself with the format and process.

Prepare For Your Interviews

Being more prepared for interviews reduces the possibility of nervousness and mistakes. Considering your past challenges in employment and how you overcame them to improve your work performance, so the interviewer can gain an appreciation for your problem-solving skills.

Do Your Research

Researching Ocado, and learning its values, operation, and history is a good way to improve your chances of success, particularly within the telephone interview stage of the hiring process. Impress interviewers by showing your interest and understanding of Ocado as an organisation.

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Having a positive and confident attitude when approaching the hiring process will help you perform better throughout the recruitment stages, as interviewers will see that you are interested in what their company offers and will fit in well with the team.

Sample Ocado Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

If 'checking inventory levels' is to 'restocking shelves' as 'reviewing sales data' is to what?

  • Training new employees
  • Adjusting sales targets
  • Marketing a new product
  • Negotiating with suppliers

If a delivery truck travels a total of 270 miles, stopping every 90 miles to make a delivery, with each stop lasting 15 minutes, and the truck's average speed is 60 miles per hour, how long in total will the delivery route take?

  • 5 hours
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • 5 hours and 15 minutes
  • 4 hours and 45 minutes

A manager's report states: 'The introduction of a new online shopping feature has shown a 20% increase in customer engagement.' What can be inferred from this statement?

  • The new feature is popular among employees.
  • Customers are spending 20% more money.
  • Customer engagement has increased since the feature was introduced.
  • The company's overall revenue has increased by 20%.

Consider this sequence of events in a process: Receive order -> Pick items -> Pack items -> Dispatch. What could be the next logical step in this sequence?

  • Issue invoice
  • Receive payment
  • Refund customer
  • Restock items

An employee must choose a password that includes one uppercase letter, one number, and one symbol. Which option adheres to these rules?

  • warehouse2
  • Warehouse#2
  • Warehouse123

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Ocado Assessments Tips

Get familiar with the format

Knowing the structure of the test beforehand can greatly enhance your confidence. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the types of questions and the format of the tests.

Practice time management

These tests are often timed, so practicing under timed conditions can help improve your pace without sacrificing accuracy.

Review key concepts

Make sure to brush up on essential knowledge and skills relevant to the job you're applying for. This will help you tackle the test questions with more ease.

Free practice tests on Techtest

Take advantage of the free practice tests available on Techtest to get a real feel for what the Ocado tests will be like and where you might need to focus your study time.

Stay calm and focused

During the test, stay calm and maintain focus. If you encounter a difficult question, don't spend too much time on it. Move on and return to it later if time permits.

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Ocado Assessments FAQs

What are the Ocado tests?

The Ocado tests are a series of assessments candidates must complete as part of the hiring process. They are designed to evaluate a variety of skills and abilities relevant to the innovative and solution-focused work environment at Ocado.

Are the Ocado tests hard?

The difficulty of the Ocado tests can vary depending on your individual skills and the role you're applying for. They are meant to be challenging to ensure that candidates are a good fit for the company's dynamic and innovative culture.

How do I prepare for Ocado tests?

To prepare for Ocado tests, practicing with similar tests is the best approach. Techtest offers a variety of practice tests that mirror the types you'll encounter during the application process, giving you a strategic edge.

How long does the recruitment process take at Ocado?

The recruitment process length at Ocado varies depending on the role and department. However, it is typically thorough and designed to find candidates who align well with the company's values and vision.

What are Ocado's core values?

Ocado's core values revolve around innovation, teamwork, and community growth, aiming to drive success and find forward-thinking solutions across all areas of the business.