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Getting A Job At PayPal

Paypal is a financial services company that offers technology solutions for online payments.

Available in over 200 markets and operating through various monetary payment subsidiaries such as iZettle, Braintree, and Xoom, the company is focused on making money safe. PayPal creates a better way to move money, making money accessible to all. To meet its focus on innovation, PayPal recruits those who can demonstrate enthusiasm and vision in their roles.

PayPal Values

PayPalsets out four values for its employees and business. These values termed 'One Team Behaviours' include:

  • Innovation: through creating amazing customer experiences
  • Collaboration: Working together and winning as one team
  • Wellness: caring for yourself and others around you
  • Inclusion: Respecting and valuing the uniqueness of those around you.

The values are integral to the creation and the working culture at PayPal and central to how the business operates day to day.

Types Of Roles At PayPal

Paypal offers a variety of roles across all levels of experience.

The company operates across 24 business areas including

  • Data science and analytics
  • Customer service
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Software architecture
  • Product management

Opportunities in PayPal's business areas are open for those still at university; those who have recently graduated from university can apply to PayPal's recent college graduates scheme.

Candidates looking to continue their careers and have gained previous skills or specialist experience can apply to vacancies at the experienced hire level.

All vacancies at PayPal vary by location.

Hiring Process At PayPal

As a multinational company, PayPal has a rigorous and defined recruitment process.

The process comprises of 5 stages:

  • Online application form
  • Online assessments
  • Technical round interview
  • HR interview
  • Final interview

Candidates who perform well at each stage of the process will progress to the next stage. It is worth noting that there may be slight variations in the process dependent on the type of opportunity applied for.

PayPal Online Application Form

All candidates applying for a position with PayPal need to complete an online application form. To make an application for any vacancy, you need to create an account on PayPal's dedicated recruitment system.

When creating an account, candidates need to detail basic information such as your contact details. Once an account has been created, candidates can apply to their vacancy of choice via a CV upload detailing their education, work, and career history.

Some vacancies may also require candidates to complete application questions around their motivations for applying to PayPal and their understanding of the role.

PayPal Aptitude Tests

All roles at PayPal require applicants to complete several online assessments. These assessments may vary according to the level and type of position applied for.

PayPal Personality Test

The personality test focuses on a candidate's inherent characteristics, behaviours, and traits in relation to the working culture at Paypal.

Questions that assess motivations when in the workplace, how candidates prefer to behave in work situations and their views and traits on work-related scenarios are asked as part of this assessment.

The assessment isn't timed, but it is advisable to work steadily through the questions and go with your gut instinct when answering questions.

PayPal Numerical Reasoning Test

This is a test of how well candidates can use numerical information to solve problems. Questions are presented in the form of charts, graphs, or tables. Candidates need to use their understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as fractions, ratios, and percentages to work out which of the multiple-choice answers is correct.

The test assesses your numerical ability and how well you are able to cope with working under pressure.

The test is a timed test, so working quickly but accurately is essential to attaining a high score on the test.

PayPal Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to solve problems using non-verbal information. In this multiple-choice test, questions are given in the form of shapes, diagrams, or sequences.

Candidates need to determine the pattern or relationship between the information given, then use this to select the correct answer from the list provided. This test focuses on candidates' critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ability to reason and come to logical conclusions.

The logical reasoning test is a timed test requiring you to keep calm under pressure and focus on the information given.

PayPal Verbal Reasoning Test

Theverbal reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to understand written passages and draw conclusions from what they have read.

Passages of text are presented along with a list of statements. Candidates need to read, understand, and analyse the text then state whether the following statements are false, true, or they cannot say from their understanding of the passage.

The test is timed. Ensuring that you have read the question and the list of statements carefully before answering is essential in ensuring you make correct deductions.

PayPal Technical Round

The technical round interview applies to some specialist roles, such as those in

  • IT
  • Data science
  • Analytics
  • Engineering

These tests focus on assessing skills relevant to the role, such as programming. This assessment is formed of multiple-choice questions that evaluate both general and specific knowledge.

PayPal HR Interviews

If successful at the online testing stage, candidates attend an HR interview. The interview assesses a candidate's motivations in applying for the role and why they want to work at PayPal. Interviewers may also ask questions about how you like to work, your goals, as well as questions that provide further insight into whether you demonstrate the values and behaviours needed to succeed at PayPal.

PayPal Final Interview

Those successful at the HR interview are invited to attend a competency-based final interview. In this interview, candidates are required to provide examples from their previous experiences that demonstrate they have the skills, knowledge, or behaviours necessary for the role.

The format of the final interview can vary depending on the role; some may be 1:1 others may be a panel interview.

To give yourself the best chance for success at the final interview, it is essential to review the job description, be clear on the skills and experience you have, and demonstrate these against PayPal's One Team behaviours.

Understanding how you want to develop your career and what you can bring to the role is also an important part of demonstrating your suitability for a job with PayPal.

What Is It Like To Work At PayPal?

PayPal is an organisation that values diversity and inclusion across its business. Encouraging innovation and collaboration through interactions with customers and communities contributes to PayPal's inclusive and dynamic working culture.

In addition to a competitive salary, the company offers a range of benefits for its employees, including health and retirement plans. PayPal also encourages employees to focus on their own personal well-being by offering employees the opportunity to take four weeks paid sabbatical for every five years worked.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At PayPal

Paypal has a defined and competitive recruitment process that rigorously assesses a candidate's skills and competencies in relation to the role applied to.

There are many things that you can do to perform at your best in the recruitment process and get hired.

Practice Aptitude Tests

Make sure you practice all of the aptitude tests you will sit as part of your recruitment process. When practicing, ensure you do so under timed conditions to simulate the time pressures you will encounter when taking the actual test.

Make sure you spend equal time practicing all of the tests, not just those that you feel are development areas for you. In doing so, you will become familiar with the format and the style of all assessments, increasing your confidence and putting you in a positive frame of mind when it comes to sitting the actual tests.

Do your homework

Refresh your memory on the job description and skills required. Review your CV and think about your skills in relation to the role requirements. Give some examples of how you have demonstrated these skills from your previous experiences. This shows the interviewer that you are committed to the role and are also aware of what you can bring to the role.

Prepare for the recruitment process

The PayPal recruitment process consists of multiple stages. Make sure you know what each stage of the process involves and the skills or abilities being assessed. Familiarise yourself with any testing deadlines and ensure you know what equipment can be used. Prepare your examples for interviews using the STAR framework and be willing to discuss why a career at PayPal is for you.

Sample PayPal Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

Which of the boxes comes next in the sequence?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

An online transaction system handles 120 transactions on average per minute. During a surge, the system's average triples for two consecutive hours. How many transactions does the system handle during this surge?

  • 43,200
  • 14,400
  • 21,600
  • 28,800

If the pattern of a sequence is to double the previous number and then add two, what is the fourth number in the sequence beginning with 1?

  • 10
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16

A team must complete a project in 10 days. However, after 7 days, they find that they have completed only 50% of the work. By what percentage do they need to increase their productivity to complete the project on time?

  • 100%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 200%

A paragraph consists of four statements: (1) All payments are processed within 24 hours. (2) Some payments require manual review. (3) Payments under $100 are processed automatically. (4) Manual reviews are conducted for payments of $100 or more. If true, which of the following inferences can be correctly drawn from the statements above?

  • Payments over $100 are processed within 24 hours without manual review.
  • All payments, regardless of amount, will be processed within 24 hours.
  • Only payments of $100 or more require longer than 24 hours to process due to manual review.
  • Payments under $100 can require a manual review.

Based on a comprehensive report, an executive concluded that incorporating advanced security features into their payment platform will reduce fraud instances by 40%. What is an assumption that the executive is most likely making?

  • The current rate of fraud is unacceptable and damaging to customer trust.
  • Customers are indifferent to the type of security features implemented.
  • Security features have no real impact on fraud instances.
  • Fraud instances are primarily caused by external breaches only.

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PayPal Assessments Tips

Understand the Company

Kick off your preparation by getting to know PayPal. Immerse yourself in their mission to bring financial services to everyone, everywhere. Their innovative spirit means you should be ready to show off your problem-solving skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

Polish those tech-related problem-solving skills with loads of practice questions. Familiarity with the types of questions you'll face is key to your success.

Time Management Skills

Keep an eye on the clock! Being able to manage your time effectively is a crucial part of exam success. Try simulating the exam environment while you practice to improve this skill.

Free Practice Tests On Techtest

Good news! You can take practice tests that mimic those you'll find at PayPal right here on Techtest, and the best part? It's completely free. So make the most of it and prep like a pro.

Stay Up-to-Date With Tech Trends

As PayPal is all about innovation, staying current with the latest tech trends could give you that extra edge. This will help you apply real-world knowledge to exam scenarios.

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PayPal Assessments FAQs

What are the PayPal tests?

PayPal tests are part of the hiring process to evaluate a candidate's compatibility with the company's innovative and enthusiastic work culture. These tests generally assess problem-solving, coding, and technical understanding.

Are the PayPal tests hard?

Whether PayPal tests are hard is subjective and largely depends on your preparedness. They are designed to be challenging to identify candidates who align with PayPal’s high standards of innovation and expertise.

How do I prepare for PayPal tests?

The best way to prepare for PayPal tests is through consistent practice. Techtest offers a multitude of practice tests that emulate the real ones, helping you to build confidence and refine your strategy.

How long does the recruitment process take at PayPal?

The duration of PayPal’s recruitment process can vary, often depending on the role and number of applicants. It's wise to prepare for a thorough multi-stage process that could take several weeks.

What are PayPal's core values?

PayPal savors innovation, inclusion, collaboration, and wellness. These are not just words but values they live by every day. Demonstrating these values could help set you apart in their hiring process.