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Getting A Job At Verizon

Verizon is a global telecommunications organisation that offers opportunities for candidates who want to start or continue their careers in the technology and communications field.

The company has career paths in many fields, such as

  • Cyber security
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Finance

These roles are advertised by location and at varying levels of experience.

Verizon Values

Verizon has core values and principles that are central to the way the company operates.

The company policies, mission, and what Verizon term their credo encompass the working culture and the Verizon values of:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Performance
  • Accountability

The company is people-focused, keeping its customers at the core of Verizon's work and encouraging teamwork amongst its employees. Working with integrity is at the core of what Verizon does as a company, and they value being the best over being the largest telecommunications company.

Types Of Roles At Verizon

As a large company, Verizon has vacancies in many areas of specialism and across the globe.

Opportunities are available in countries such as

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Spain
  • North America

The types of roles vary according to the location. These roles are varied and cover many different specialisms such as:

  • Project Management: mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Cyber risk consultant
  • Sales partners
  • Software engineering
  • Product developers
  • Supply chain management
  • Corporate strategy

Opportunities are available for students at internship level, graduate, and those at experience hire level who have previous career experience. Verizon also offers a rotational leadership development programme for graduates.

Hiring Process At Verizon

Verizon has a defined career process with multiple stages. The first part of the process is the application stage. Candidates search for the preferred role and apply directly to this role. Applications are taken via a CV upload. Applicants can also link their professional social profile and link their CV details in this way.

The Verizon recruitment process varies according to the role applied for. Some positions may require candidates to sit specific assessments that focus on the core nature or specialism of the role applied for.

Verizon Aptitude Tests

If successful at the application stage, candidates will be contacted to complete a range of assessment tests.

The tests are online tests and are a mix of psychometric ability tests and skills-based tests. The skills-based tests a candidate sits will vary and be relevant to the role.

Verizon Personality/Ethics Test

The Verizon personality/ethics test is different from a psychometric ability test in that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. The assessment takes the form of an online questionnaire. Candidates are presented with statements and are asked to select whether they disagree, agree, or strongly agree with the statement.

The statements are aligned with the values, characteristics, and traits required for the role. The questionnaire results allow recruiters to determine whether candidates share the same values as Verizon and determine whether the candidate would be a good fit culturally.

Verizon Customer Service Test

The customer service test is one related to roles within the customer service field. This is an active test in that candidates listen to a set of telephone-based customer queries. Candidates then need to select the response they believe to be the best response in dealing with the call.

Verizon Data Entry Test

This is a test of a candidate's listening skills and their accuracy and attention to detail.

Candidates are required to listen to a series of numbers and sentences and then use their data entry skills to type this information according to the instructions given in the test. As with many specialist tests, this test is only applicable to specific roles.

Verizon Reading Comprehension (Verbal Reasoning Test)

This verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to read, understand and analyse information presented as text passages.

Answers are then presented as statements; candidates need to say whether the statement is true, false, or they can not say based on the information they have read. When sitting a verbal reasoning test, it is important to base your inferences only on the information given in the test and not on any background knowledge.

Verizon Multitasking Test

The multitasking test looks at how candidates manage situations when faced with more than one task or information at the same time.

The test takes the form of the candidate listening to a customer describing a situation. Numerical information is also provided to the candidate at the same time. The candidate then needs to decide where to send the customer, look at the numerical information, and determine whether the information matches.

Verizon Numerical Table Reading

In this test, candidates are given numerical information in the form of tables and lists. Candidates then need to decide if the numerical information presented in the two different formats match.

This test isn't a test of numerical knowledge but the ability to work with numbers and interpret numerical information.

Verizon Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to problem solve and reason with information to reach a logical conclusion.

Information is presented in abstract forms, such as shapes. Candidates then need to determine the relationship, sequence, or pattern between these abstract shapes, then use this information to select the correct answer from the list of multiple choice answers given.

The ability to see relationships between information is a key ability in many roles at Verizon. As with all psychometric ability tests, practicing logical reasoning tests before sitting the actual test itself is important to ensure you are familiar with the format and the type of questioning.

Verizon Interviews

Candidates are required to attend interviews as part of the latter stages of the Verizon recruitment process. The number of interviews and format will depend on the role applied for.

Verizon Video Interview

Some roles require candidates to complete a video interview. The video interview with Verizon is a recorded interview. In this type of interview, candidates will be provided with up to six questions. These questions will be aligned to the skills, competencies, and attributes required for the role.

Candidates then need to pre-record their answers to the questions within a given time limit. The questions will be provided to candidates once they commence the video interview so that they have time to prepare answers before recording their responses.

Once completed, all of the candidate's responses will be sent to recruiters for them to review.

Verizon In-Person Interview

The in-person interview is a traditional interview format and is the final stage of the recruitment process with Verizon.

This is a competency-based interview focusing on the skills, behaviours, and competencies required for the role. There will also be questions that give an insight into a candidate's values in order to see whether they match with those of Verizon.

Questions around a candidate's commitment to working at Verizon, what they know about the organisation, and why they want to work with the organisation may also be asked.

It is important to fully prepare for the final interview by researching the role, Verizon as an organisation and being familiar with their values and culture.

Ensuring that you have examples prepared for how you have demonstrated the competencies using your previous experience means that you can demonstrate to the interviewer that you have what is required for the role.

What Is It Like To Work At Verizon?

Verizon is a people-centred organisation that is committed to integrity and working together as a team.

Employees at Verizon benefit from a competitive salary, career opportunities in many countries, and employee benefits that include:

  • Performance-based incentives
  • Discounts on Verizon products
  • Discounts at gyms
  • Health and dependent care

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Verizon

The Verizon recruitment process is a structured process that assesses many different skills, attributes, and competencies.

While the process may seem daunting at first, you can do many things to prepare so that you can perform at your best.

Do Your Research

Make sure that you do your research on Verizon as a company and its values, culture, and mission. Think about your values and how those of Verizon may match your own.

Also, research the role so that you understand what the role involves. Researching the role means that you can articulate in the interview why this role appeals to you and what you feel you can bring to the role.

Demonstrating that you have the skills to do the role and that you have researched the organisation is an important part of demonstrating your commitment to a career with Verizon.

Practice Tests

The Verizon recruitment process includes several psychometric tests. Make sure that you have practiced these tests to know how you react under the time pressure of a timed test.

Prepare For Different Test Formats

Making sure that you have practiced tests in different formats will mean that you are familiar with the format and style of the way questions are presented. This means that you don't waste precious time figuring out what the question is asking in the test.

Use The STAR method

When preparing examples against the competencies being assessed, use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to help construct your answers. Using the STAR framework means that you prepare a complete example that fully outlines the skills and competencies relevant to the question being asked. You can also use the STAR method when sharing your examples in an interview. This is especially useful if you feel yourself going off track when answering a competency-based question in an interview.

Sample Verizon Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Four colleagues are discussing a recent customer feedback survey. They note that customers who experienced technical support were 10% more satisfied with the service compared to those who didn't. Assuming 200 of the surveyed had experienced technical support and expressed satisfaction, how many customers have not experienced technical support?

  • 1800
  • 220
  • 1820
  • 2000

Which of the following statements is logically equivalent to the statement: If the network is down, then the server is not responding?

  • If the server is responding, then the network is up.
  • The network is up only if the server is not responding.
  • If the server is not responding, then the network is down.
  • The network is down whenever the server responds.

If an algorithm processes 300 data points per minute and operates without interruption, how many data points will it process in a 24-hour period?

  • 432,000
  • 72,000
  • 7,200
  • 43,200

During a network troubleshooting sequence, a technician notes that every third check reveals an error in connectivity. If the pattern continues and the first check was at 1:00 PM, what time will the sixth error occur?

  • 1:15 PM
  • 1:18 PM
  • 1:05 PM
  • 1:10 PM

An employee is reading through a technical report that concludes the necessity for a new cybersecurity protocol. Which of the following justifies this conclusion based on the premises laid out within the discussion?

  • Previous protocols were not updated to combat new threats discovered in the past year.
  • The company has never experienced any cybersecurity breaches.
  • Customers have expressed high confidence in the existing security measures.
  • The current protocol is user-friendly and liked by the staff.

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Verizon Assessments FAQs

Is It Hard To Get Hired At Verizon?

Verizon has a comprehensive recruitment process aligned to the skills, abilities, and competencies of the role.

Make sure that you have fully prepared for the recruitment process. Practice the psychometric tests that you will be asked to sit and respond promptly to any communications from the recruitment team. This means that you put yourself in the best position to secure a role at Verizon.

How Do I Prepare For A Verizon Interview?

To prepare for an interview at Verizon, make sure you have reviewed the job description and know the competencies and skills required for the role. Use the STAR technique to prepare an example of times when you have demonstrated this skill or competency.

Make sure that you research Verizon as an organisation, are aware of its values and mission, and demonstrate through this research that you are committed to a career with Verizon.

Is Verizon A Good Company To Work For?

Verizon is a large organisation that offers a competitive salary and a benefits programme designed to support its employees. The company values integrity and its teamwork and fosters a culture of growth and learning amongst its employees.

What Is The Verizon Dress code?

The Verizon dress code may vary by role, but in the main is business casual attire. Some customer-facing roles will require a specific dress code that will be communicated accordingly.