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Getting A Job At VMware

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is an American cloud computing and virtualization company. They offer a range of services such as cloud storage, cloud management software and desktop software to several industries including banking, healthcare, and transportation.

VMware employs around 31,000 employees across their headquarters and office locations worldwide. VMware describes their company as innovative, solving some of the toughest challenges facing the modern world. The company is highly respected within the industry, and so unsurprisingly competition for roles is fierce. However, this should not dissuade you from applying, as with a thorough understanding of the procedure and some focused preparation, you can put yourself in a good position to be successful.

VMware Values

VMware's culture is built upon their core values, which are called EPIC2 values, standing for:

  • Execution: encouraging collaboration and high standards.
  • Passion: challenging the status quo and following curiosity to make better products for customers, the company and each other.
  • Integrity: building trustful relationships with one another, customers, shareholders, and the community.
  • Customers: valuing the people who are central to VMware's mission to solve some of the toughest technological challenges faced by companies.
  • Community: employees are encouraged to approach one another with open minds and humility.

Types of Roles

VMware offers a range of roles across several categories including:

  • Sales
  • Services and Consulting
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy and Operations
  • Client Support
  • HR
  • Legal

VMware also offers entry-level programs for high school and university students and recent graduates:

  • VMware High School Immersion program: provides high school students who are interested in programming the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.
  • VMware Campus Ambassador: you will represent VMware on your university campus to connect your peers with the latest VMware products and solutions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • VMware Academy: graduate program in a range of possible areas including sales, operations, and solutions engineering.
  • University Propel: graduate program designed to give new graduates the opportunity to gain experience within VMware's research & development organization.
  • University Launch: research & development program designed specifically for recent graduates at the bachelor's level.
  • VMware also offers a variety of internships for university students and recent graduates.

VMware also has 'Non-traditional Hiring Programs', which are aimed at people who are looking to return to work, seeking a career change, or have different levels of work experience and education.

Hiring Process at VMware

As positions at VMware are highly sought-after, the hiring process is rigorous and thorough, consisting of multiple stages including an online application, online tests, technical rounds, and managerial and HR rounds.

VMware Application

Once you have found the position you would like to pursue on VMware's careers website, you will need to submit an online application form, which first involves providing some personal details. After this, you will need to provide detailed information on your previous work experience and education.

Next, you will need to upload your resume/CV, which should be up-to-date and tailored to the position you are applying for. We recommend that you read through the job description and adapt your resume/CV based on what is required for the position.

VMware Aptitude Tests

If the hiring managers like your application, you will be asked to complete some online tests, which consists of five sections.

VMware Quant Test

The quant (quantitative) test assesses your mathematical skills along with logical and analytical skills. The test will typically involve questions on the topics of equations, averages, percentages, ratios & proportions, and graphs & charts. You will be given 10 questions to complete within 15 minutes.

VMware English Language Test

The English test consists of 25 questions in a 35-minute time frame. This test examines your verbal skills (spelling and grammar), vocabulary and verbal comprehension.

VMware Logical Reasoning Test

Thelogical reasoning test is designed to assess your ability to analyse and understand abstract information and use this to draw logical conclusions. During the test, you will typically be met with patterns or sequences and will be required to infer the underlying rule that governs it to determine the missing item or the next item in the sequence. The questions will be presented in a multiple-choice format, where you will need to select the correct answer out of several possible answers.

The logical reasoning test consists of 25 questions in 35 minutes. VMware uses this test to examine your ability to solve problems, work quickly under pressure, and use logic.

Although the information you face in the test will be new, practicing sample logical reasoning tests can help familiarise yourself with the format of the test and sharpen your ability to recognise relationships.

VMware Programming Test

Consisting of 30 questions in 40 minutes, the programming test assesses your programming knowledge in various languages including Java, C, and C++. The questions will be focused on various topics such as programming principles, input & output, and code snippets.

VMware Technical Rounds

If you are successful in the online tests, you will be invited for technical interviews. You will do 2 technical interviews that are both 60 minutes, where VMware will be assessing your technical knowledge and expertise.

To succeed in these interviews, you will need to have good knowledge of data structures, operating systems, networking, DBMS, and other related topics. The interviewer may also ask you to solve some problems. The technical interviews are intended to ensure you have the technical prowess to be successful in the role.

VMware Managerial And HR Rounds

Should you pass the technical interviews, you will be invited to a managerial and HR interview, which is the final stage of the application process. These interviews are intended to be more personal, focusing on your motivations, career goals, experience, and reasons for applying.

The managerial interview lasts approximately 30 minutes, and the HR interview will last 10-15 minutes. For these interviews it is a good idea to prepare some relevant examples from your previous work experience or your studies, so you are ready to tie these into your responses.

What Is It Like To Work At VMware?

VMware has adopted a flexible work environment, where employees are able to work from a VMware office, a home office, or other places that best suits them and their professional goals. This allows employees at VMware to benefit from a greater work-life balance.

VMware offers many benefits to its employees including generous parental leave and paid time off, ongoing development with courses, training, conferences, and excellent medical coverage and retirement plans.

VMware prides itself on its diverse and inclusive culture and was listed in Forbes best employers for diversity.

It is evident that employees enjoy working at VMware as it was ranked in the top 100 remote companies in 2020, and was rated as one of Glassdoor's best places to work in 2021, which is based on employee experience.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At VMware

Make Sure Zoom Works

Many of your interviews will be conducted over Zoom, so save yourself some unnecessary stress by making sure Zoom is working correctly and you have a strong internet connection. This will mean you can solely focus on nailing those interviews.

Prepare And Practice

Positions at VMware are competitive, so we recommend you prepare for each stage of the application process. An easy way to prepare for every stage of the process is to familiarise yourself with VMware's core values so you can ensure you are demonstrating your alignment with these throughout.

The best way to prepare for the online tests is to practice sample tests, as this will familiarise you with the style of questions, and help sharpen your skills going into the test.

Bring The Energy

During the interviews, it is important that you convey your enthusiasm about the position. This will demonstrate to the hiring managers that you are keen on the role and working for VMware. This can help you stand out against other candidates who perhaps don't display the same interest in the job.

Be Yourself

It's important that you showcase your personality during the interviews. Trying to be the person you believe VMware wants is likely to come off as disingenuous, and you are more likely to be successful by being your authentic self. You want to highlight your suitability for the role, whilst allowing your unique personality to shine through.

Sample VMware Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

A team leader at a software consulting firm is preparing a summary of a client meeting to share with the project team. The summary includes details about future work and deliverables. When sharing this information, what should be the primary focus to ensure successful project execution?

  • The client's budget limitations
  • Timeframes and resource allocation for deliverables
  • The venues for future client meetings
  • The historical success rate of similar projects

An analyst at a cloud services company is reviewing performance data over the past five months to allocate resources for improvement. If the latency decreased by 10% each month, starting from 120ms, what would be the latency at the end of the fifth month?

  • 73.41ms
  • 72.00ms
  • 60.84ms
  • 96.80ms

In a software development environment, an engineer has to decide on the algorithm to proceed with based on its time complexity. If the options are linear time, logarithmic time, quadratic time, and constant time complexities, which should the engineer choose to ensure the fastest processing time irrespective of data size?

  • Linear time
  • Logarithmic time
  • Quadratic time
  • Constant time

A software engineer has written conditional statements to handle different server responses: 'if the server returns a 200 status code, execute function A; if 400, then function B; if 500, then function C.' During testing, the server returns a 401 status code. According to the engineer's logic, which function will be executed?

  • Function A
  • Function B
  • Function C
  • No function will be executed

A virtualization infrastructure manager is troubleshooting a network issue in a data center. They know that if a given switch fails, it causes a 30% decrease in data throughput on a particular rack. If the throughput was initially gauged at 1 Gbps, and has fallen to 700 Mbps, is the manager correct in assuming that the switch has failed?

  • Yes, because the throughput decreased by 30%
  • No, because the throughput decreased by more than 30%
  • Yes, because the throughput decreased by exactly 300 Mbps
  • No, because the switch failure should not affect throughput

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VMware Assessments FAQs

Is VMware A Good Company To Work For?

Yes! VMware offers fanatics opportunities for growth and development with its range of programs and support. Employees at VMware enjoy a range of great benefits such as generous parental leave and paid time off. VMware has earned themselves several awards for their work environment, such as Glassdoor's 2021 top 100 places to work.

How Much Does A VMware Employee Make?

The salary for a VMware employee can vary significantly depending on the level and type of position, however, the average salary is £47,500.