Reynolds and Reynolds Assessments

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Getting A Job At Reynolds And Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds is a company that designs and develops software for the automotive industry. Established in 1896, the organisation has a long history of helping dealerships organise and enhance their customer's buying journey.

With a defined recruitment process, Reynolds and Reynolds offer opportunities in many different fields.

Getting a job with the company requires candidates to have done plenty of research, be clear on the skills and attributes assessed as part of the recruitment process, and demonstrate a commitment to working at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Reynolds And Reynolds Values

Reynolds and Reynolds is a company that values hard work as a way for their employees to grow and develop in their careers.

In the fast-paced working environment, the company encourages the development of an individual's skills. Reynolds and Reynolds offer opportunities to its employees for training and development that help them meet the company values of hard work and career growth.

Types Of Roles At Reynolds and Reynolds

As a global company, Reynolds and Reynolds offers a variety of roles and careers for candidates. These roles vary by location and experience.

Examples of roles with Reynolds and Reynolds include:

  • Business consultants
  • UX/UI designers
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Software developers

Roles are open at the student and graduate level and for those who have previous experience in their specialist field.

Hiring Process At Reynolds And Reynolds

Given the wide variety and number of roles that Reynolds and Reynolds recruit for the company have a clear and defined recruitment and selection process.

This process consists of three stages:

  • Online application form
  • Psychometric testing
  • Interview (this could be a telephone, video, or face to face interview)

When applying to Reynolds and Reynolds, it is essential to consider all the roles that your experience is relevant to and apply for the position that best suits your experience, interests, and the direction you want your career to take.

Reynolds and Reynolds Online Application

The first part of the Reynolds and Reynolds recruitment process is the online application. All open positions are detailed on the Reynolds and Reynolds website. Candidates need to search for their desired positions and then apply.

Applications are made via a CV upload, although there may be additional application forms for some positions.

When applying for roles, it is worth remembering to ensure that you read the job description and focus on highlighting in your application that you meet and can demonstrate the candidate requirements for the role.

Reynolds and Reynolds Aptitude Tests

Upon completion of the application, candidates are invited to sit some pre-screening assessments. These include a personality test and psychometric ability tests. These tests assess abilities and aptitudes directly relevant to the roles being recruited for and couldn't otherwise be assessed through an interview alone.

Reynolds and Reynolds Inductive Reasoning Test

The inductive reasoning test forms part of the psychometric ability tests that candidates need to complete as part of the Reynold and Reynolds recruitment process. This test is beneficial for IT-based roles as it focuses on a candidate's ability to think logically using information presented to them.

Information can be presented in an abstract form, such as shapes, patterns, or odd one-out sets. Candidates need to work out the sequences using the information provided.

The inductive reasoning test is a timed test, so be mindful of the time remaining and avoid spending too much time on any one question.

Reynolds and Reynolds Deductive Reasoning Test

The deductive reasoning test requires candidates to read and understand information and then make a logical deduction from what they have read.

This test is timed and assesses a candidate's logical thinking in terms of whether the answer is correct and the speed at which the answer is selected. Information can be presented in various ways, whether as a passage of text, a visual representation, or in short sentences.

As with all timed tests, working quickly but accurately is essential as is thoroughly reading the information presented before attempting to answer a question.

Reynolds and Reynolds Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test is a reading comprehension test that assesses a candidate's ability to read and understand passages of text. Questions are generally presented as statements where candidates need to select whether the statement is true, false or if they cannot say based on the information they have read.

When completing a verbal reasoning test, it is important not to skim read the information given. Try to ensure that you thoroughly read the passage of text before answering the questions that follow.

Reynolds and Reynolds Numerical Reasoning Test

The Reynolds and Reynolds numerical test assesses a candidate's numerical ability. This test focuses on a candidate's ability to read, understand, analyse and use numerical information to solve problems. Candidates need to use their understanding and practical knowledge of basic mathematical principles such as percentages, ratios, and fractions and then answer the following questions by selecting the multiple-choice answer they believe to be correct.

Working quickly but accurately is essential when completing a numerical test. If you are not sure of an answer, mark your best choice but avoid wild guessing.

Reynolds and Reynolds Personality Test

The Reynolds and Reynolds personality test is different from the psychometric ability tests in that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. This online assessment focuses on a candidate's characteristics, traits, and behaviours when in the workplace.

The assessed traits and behaviours are directly relevant to those required for the job and a successful career with Reynolds and Reynolds.

Questions are usually scenario-based and can be asked in several different ways. There generally isn't a time limit for completing the questions in the personality test, but the best approach is to read the question and answer the question honestly. Do not second guess what you think the recruiter wants to see although you should try to be strategic in your approach.

Reynolds and Reynolds Interview

The next stage of the recruitment process are candidate interviews.

All interviews will be 1:1 but could take place via telephone, video or in-person. The interview is an opportunity for a recruiter to learn more about you as a candidate and whether you demonstrate the skills and competencies required for the role.

Questions will be asked based on the job description and person specification.

Scenario-based questions may also be asked, requiring candidates to provide examples using their previous experience when they have demonstrated the skill or competency being assessed. When preparing for scenario-based questions, it is important to prepare examples using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result).

Depending upon the role applied for, candidates may be asked to sit additional screening tests. Information on any further tests will be shared with candidates before attending the interview.

What Is It Like To Work At Reynolds And Reynolds?

Reynolds and Reynolds is a company that prides itself on hard work and training for its employees, with many classroom-based training programs available for employees to access.

Work-life balance and the health and wellness of its employees are also important to the company. The company also fosters a sense of community amongst its employees through social charity events, company activities, outings, and a monthly employee recognition programme.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Reynolds And Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds have a rigorous recruitment and selection process, but through research, preparation, and self-assessment, candidates can ensure that they perform at their best throughout the process.

Research The Company

It is important to ensure that you have researched the role and company thoroughly. Be clear on their values and mission as an organisation and why these are important to you. Demonstrating that you have researched the company, that your values align, and that you have the skills and attributes required for the job shows that you are committed.

Practice Tests

Reynolds and Reynolds include psychometric testing as part of their recruitment and selection process. It is essential to practice these tests to improve your test score. Practicing the tests gives you confidence and allows you to become familiar with the style of questioning in the tests and the added pressure that comes with a timed test.

Be Yourself

It is important that during the personality tests and in the interview, you be yourself. Don't second guess what you think the interviewer wants to hear, especially when it comes to the personality test. In the interview, be clear on the experience, skills, and attributes you have and how you can use previous experience to demonstrate that you have what the job requires.

Be Honest And Open

Taking an honest and open approach will show the interviewer that you demonstrate integrity in all that you do.

Sample Reynolds and Reynolds Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

What is a likely outcome of offering longer financing terms to customers?

  • Customers will pay less interest overall.
  • Monthly payments for customers are reduced.
  • The total number of cars sold will decrease.
  • The dealership's immediate revenue will increase.

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the given statement: 'If a vehicle's engine is running, the tailpipe will emit exhaust.'

  • Vehicles that are not running do not have engines.
  • Tailpipes will only emit exhaust when a vehicle's engine is running.
  • All vehicles have tailpipes that emit exhaust.
  • If a tailpipe is emitting exhaust, the engine might not be running.

If a customer's description of their dream car takes precedence, which of the following options would best suit a daily commute?

  • A convertible sports car with high fuel consumption.
  • A vehicle with advanced infotainment options for entertainment during traffic delays.
  • An off-road SUV designed for mountainous terrain.
  • A classic car that requires special maintenance.

During a sale event, a dealership reduced all prices by 15%. If a car's original price was $25,000, what is the discounted price?

  • $21,250
  • $22,500
  • $23,750
  • $20,000

A car model that was released in four colors sells most units in blue. Which of the following could be an appropriate response from the dealership?

  • Discontinue all colors except blue.
  • Increase the inventory of blue cars.
  • Reduce the price of the blue cars to increase sales incrementally.
  • Offer a promotion exclusively for the blue cars.

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Reynolds and Reynolds Assessments Tips

Familiarize Yourself With Common Tech Questions

The tech sector often expects candidates to have a strong grasp of technical concepts and problem-solving skills. Reviewing these areas can boost your confidence.

Practice Under Exam Conditions

Simulate the actual test environment when practicing. Time yourself and work in a quiet space to get accustomed to the pressure of the real thing.

Understand the Automotive Industry

Since Reynolds and Reynolds develop software for this sector, having a basic understanding of the automotive industry and its challenges can be advantageous.

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Reynolds and Reynolds Assessments FAQs

What are the Reynolds and Reynolds tests?

Reynolds and Reynolds tests are tailored evaluations used in their hiring process to assess the technical and cognitive skills of candidates, focusing on software knowledge pertinent to the automotive industry.

Are the Reynolds and Reynolds tests hard?

The difficulty of Reynolds and Reynolds tests varies depending on your familiarity with the technical skills being assessed and your understanding of the automotive industry software they specialize in.

How do I prepare for Reynolds and Reynolds tests?

Preparing for Reynolds and Reynolds tests is best done through practice. Engaging with the resources on Techtest provides a diverse array of practice tests that closely mirror the company's evaluations.

How long does the recruitment process take at Reynolds and Reynolds?

The recruitment process at Reynolds and Reynolds may vary by position, but it typically involves multiple stages including assessment tests, interviews, and may take several weeks to complete.

What are Reynolds and Reynolds's core values?

Reynolds and Reynolds's core values emphasize innovation, customer focus, and dedication to providing solutions that enhance dealership operations and the automotive buyer's experience.