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Getting A Job At Sony

Sony is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, manufacturing electronics, video game consoles, video games, and music. There are over 100,000 employees worldwide, with around 5,000 of those at their UK based in Surrey.

Sony Values

The company was founded in Japan in 1946, with the purpose of creating new technologies that would improve people's everyday lives. Today, their values remain the same: to pioneer the future through curiosity, harnessing the power of diversity, retaining integrity and sincerity, and ensuring responsible business practices.

Types Of Roles At Sony

Although known as a technology company, Sony is one of the largest and most diverse businesses in the world. Therefore, there are career opportunities for almost every area of expertise, whether your background is in technology, animation, HR, or finance.

Hiring Process At Sony

Sony Application

All of the available opportunities at Sony are posted on their vacancies page, which you can filter to find the right role for you. Then you will need to make an online profile on their website, which asks you to fill out questions about yourself and your experience.

Sony asks you to fill out the profile and upload a CV/cover letter as it helps to streamline the process and make sure your application gets seen by the right people.

Sony Aptitude Tests

As with most big companies, Sony requires you to take aptitude tests as part of their screening process. These tests help to assess key competencies and provide objective data that employers can use to compare candidates and find the top performers.

Sony Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test is a very common recruitment test, especially for positions such as internships and graduate programmes. This test assesses your language and communication skills, checking basics such as your grammar and vocabulary, and more advanced skills such as comprehension, problem-solving and following logic.

For some positions, you may be given a short essay question instead, which performs the same functions.

Sony Logical Reasoning Test

Many employers like to use logical reasoning tests, especially in the tech industry, because they show creative thinking and that you can follow abstract logic to come to a conclusion.

You will be asked to identify patterns and connections between sequences of shapes and images. These can be quite complicated and take some time to figure out, but they are meant to challenge you to show employers how you work.

Sony Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning is one of the most common aptitude tests for the tech sector. Many roles are dependent on strong mathematical skills, so this ensures a baseline of skills amongst all of the candidates.

Sony Technical Test

The Sony technical tests vary depending on what role you have applied for but are often used for skills such as coding. You will be given a practical test on programming languages such as Java, C, and C++. This is to prove you can use the full range of functions and do the tasks that are required of the job.

Sony Interview

There are two main structures of interviews for the Sony recruitment process: a technical interview and an HR or personal interview. It will depend on what kind of role you have applied for, but typically, you will have multiple interviews on one day with relevant staff members.

The technical interview is where you will be asked more in-depth questions about your skills and work experience. This typically looks like defining terms, explaining functions, and demonstrating skills such as writing down specific algorithms or codes.

The HR interview is focused on you as a person and on the logistics of the role. This is where you will be asked questions about your strengths, hopes for your career progression, and what qualities you have that make you a strong candidate.

Sony Culture Fit Assessment

Building a successful company means curating an environment in which employees can perform at their best. Many employers are now putting more focus on culture fit during the recruitment process to ensure that new employees reflect the right values and their teams can work together cohesively. Sony's recruitment process reflects its commitment to diversity and inclusion, making sure that candidates have both the right skills and the right mindset to thrive at the company.

Sony Personality Test

Often, employers will give candidates a personality test to help gauge what kind of employee you are and how you might fit into the established company culture.

There are many different types of personality tests, some that determine your workplace behaviours, motivations, and how you respond under stress. The one that is becoming increasingly popular with recruiters is the situational judgement test. For this test, you will be presented with hypothetical workplace situations and asked to judge responses by which you think is most appropriate. While there are no correct or incorrect answers for personality and behaviour assessments, employers will be looking at how well you conform to expectations and show key competencies.

What Is It Like To Work At Sony?

Sony prides itself in being a company that encourages independent and diverse individuals to work to create a better world through creativity and technology.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Sony

If you're applying for a job at Sony, here are some top tips for success.

Keep It Casual

During the interview process, Sony Japan has adopted a more casual attitude for their graduate

applicants. Instead of dressing in formal attire, Sony asks candidates to wear something that is truly reflective of who they are.

Make It Personal

On that note, Sony gets thousands of applications for every open position, so you need to stand out from the crowd. It's important to show your personality throughout the application process, so remember to talk about your passions, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Practice Tests

To do your best on the aptitude tests, you should practice as much as possible. Doing practice tests can help improve your scores dramatically, giving you a better chance of being one of the top candidates. Often, only those who score in the top 60-80% advance through the recruitment process, so it is important to take the tests seriously.

Be Creative

Sony wants people who will lead them into the future of technology and embrace the long history of innovation. Let your creativity shine through in your application and don't be shy about hobbies and achievements, even if they feel less relevant.

Sample Sony Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

An employee is presented with two potential marketing strategies for an electronic device: Strategy A will potentially reach 80% of the target demographic with a 15% adoption rate, while Strategy B will potentially reach 50% of the demographic with a 25% adoption rate. Which strategy will have a larger number of adopters?

  • Strategy A
  • Strategy B
  • Both will have the same number of adopters.
  • There is not enough information to determine.

If a gaming console production line manufactures 250 units in the first hour and increases production by 8% each subsequent hour, how many units are produced in the third hour?

  • 270
  • 285
  • 290
  • 299
  • 305

A company has released 5 new albums this quarter. If the combined sales of the first four albums are 310,000 and the average sales for all five albums are 66,000, how many units did the fifth album sell?

  • 20,000
  • 40,000
  • 60,000
  • 50,000

Read the following passage: The recent developments in virtual reality have revolutionized the gaming industry. Enhanced graphics and immersive experiences are becoming a standard demand among consumers. A particular company noted a 25% increase in sales after releasing a VR-compatible gaming title. With industry trends leaning towards interactive and realistic gameplay, maintaining innovation is essential for a leading market position. After reading the passage, what can be inferred about the company's market strategy?

  • It focuses on competitive pricing.
  • It may focus on VR technology adaptation.
  • It is considering downsizing operations.
  • It is shifting from gaming to other technologies.

Which of the following statements would logically follow from the claim that all successful game developers invest heavily in user experience research?

  • Investing in user experience research guarantees success in game development.
  • Some successful game developers may also invest in marketing.
  • Game developers who do not succeed have not invested in user experience research.
  • A game developer that does not invest in user experience research is unlikely to be successful.

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Sony Assessments Tips

Know the Landscape

Before you dive into the tests, it's crucial to understand Sony's core areas: electronics, gaming, and entertainment. While you won't need to be a master of all trades, having a grasp of basic terms and concepts across these sectors can give you an edge. So, brush up on the latest trends and technologies that are redefining these industries.

Tailor Your Skills

Each area of Sony, from video game development to electronic manufacturing, looks for a specialized set of skills. Identify the domain you're applying for and align your practice accordingly. With Techtest, focus your efforts on practice exams that mirror the skill set Sony is likely to test you on, be it technical proficiency, problem-solving, or creative thinking.

Be Methodical

During the practice tests on Techtest, don't just aim for the right answers – analyze your approach. Are you solving the problems efficiently? Could there be a better strategy? Being methodical in your practice can broadly improve how you tackle questions, which is especially vital for the tech-savvy roles at Sony.

Time Management

Time is of the essence, both in practice and during the actual exam. Practice pacing yourself with Techtest exams to get a feel for the time pressure you'll experience at Sony. Time management can be the differentiator between a good candidate and a great one, so use Techtest's timed exams to sharpen this skill.

Stay Calm and Positive

It's natural to feel nerves when taking a test, especially one that could lead to your dream job at Sony. Use Techtest to become familiar with the testing process so that on the actual day, you'll feel more relaxed and confident. A calm demeanor can positively impact your performance, allowing you to think clearer and make better decisions.

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Sony Assessments FAQs

Is Sony A Good Company To Work For?

In recent years, Sony has been awarded recognition as one of the top employers for parents, LGBTQ people, and those with disabilities. The company is transparent about its work for a better work-life balance for employees and the kind of benefits that employees can expect, such as private healthcare and days off to do volunteer work.

How Much Does A Sony Employee Make?

There is no definitive guide to salaries at Sony. Salaries reported vary from £18,000-£130,000 per annum and are dependent on experience and area of business.