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What Is A Sova Assessment?

Sova is a UK-based assessment publisher that creates psychometric tests for use in pre-employment screening as well as to assess talent for development opportunities and leadership positions.

Sova tests can be used for:

  • Emerging talent
  • Volume hiring
  • Internal talent
  • Lateral hiring

For employers, Sova can provide several options for ‘off-the-shelf’ talent assessments useful in a number of industries, but they specialise in creating bespoke testing packages based on specific role requirements and criteria. The Sova difference is that the assessments are simple in design and application, and provide an effective and fair process that allows for talent to be found at all levels of an organisation - from emerging careers right through to management and even CEO.

Which Tech Employers Use Sova Assessments?

Sova assessments are used by a number of employers across all industries, but they are mostly found in corporate roles. Tech job applicants are often tested using Sova assessments as part of the application process, especially for roles at:

  • British Airways
  • Banks such as RBS, HSBC, Santander and Lloyds
  • Pfizer
  • LexisNexis
  • General Electric

The Sova tests used in these application processes are usually bespoke packages created for the business - so they are testing for the exact skills, ability, and judgement traits needed for success in the role.

How Sova Tests Work

There are several types of Sova assessment that you might face if you are applying for a new role - and not all of them are 'tests' as such. Sova also offers a platform for one-way video interviews, where applicants need to video answers to pre-recorded questions, and tools for assessing employees ready for leadership opportunities like 360 feedback.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test is not a maths test, but it does assess your ability to work with numerical data often presented in a table or a graph. You will need to quickly read, understand and analyse this data, and perform some basic mathematical operations on it in order to answer the questions.

The numerical reasoning test is not difficult in content. The maths operators used are simple multiplication, division, addition and subtraction alongside working knowledge of percentages, ratios and fractions - nothing more challenging than that learned at GCSE maths level.

The answers are multiple-choice, and the number of questions you will face will depend on the role you have applied for.

Verbal Reasoning Test

In the verbal reasoning assessment, you will be presented with a passage of text and need to answer a question based on it.

The test here is how quickly and accurately you can read, understand and analyse the information provided in the text, usually presented in a formal tone or ‘business speak' and on an industry-related subject.

As with many pre-employment assessments, the answers are multiple-choice.

Logical Reasoning Test

In a logical reasoning test, you are being assessed on your ability to reach a logical conclusion with limited information. In the Sova logical reasoning test, you are presented with a series of images that are related, and you will need to choose the missing image that completes the sequence.

To be successful at this logical reasoning test, you will need to quickly establish what the pattern of the sequence is, and select the right answer from a choice of four possible answers.

In some assessments, a Blended Test may be presented; this is usually a combination of the ability tests (numerical, verbal and logical reasoning).

Personality Test

The Sova personality test is assessing your personality traits as directed by the business you have applied for. They will be looking for specific work behaviour and personality that they feel is most appropriate for the role, and through the Sova test, they want to see if you match up.

The format of the Sova test is based on the HEXACO model (Honesty-Humility, Emotionality, eXtraversion, Agreeableness, conscientiousness and Openness to experience), presenting groups of four statements that you must rate on a scale from most like me to least like me.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The situational judgement test published by Sova presents realistic work-based scenarios in imagery, video, or animation format. This is to assess the way you make decisions and solve problems in a work environment. Although the scenarios presented are fictional, they are designed to be similar to problems that you may encounter in the role you have applied for and are relevant for the decision-making skills you will have to use.

The scenarios will be presented with a number of possible actions that could be taken, and you need to choose two - the one that would be most effective and the one that would be least effective.

How To Pass Sova Publisher Tests

Research The Company

Before you apply for any role, you should have researched the company - if only to decide if it is a career that you want. As part of this research, you can find out what they look for in an employee, so that you can prepare to highlight these key skills and competencies throughout the application process.

Practice Tough Questions

Practice really does make perfect, especially with psychometric testing. While they do not need you to have existing knowledge of the company or the wider industry to be successful, Sova tests are likely to be unfamiliar in format and content.

When you know what Sova tests you are likely to be taking, you can find practice tests online that will not only give you an idea of the content of these questions, but also the format and how they are to be answered. You can find lots of practice tests on the Candidate Preparation Hub on the Sova website.

Focus on the questions that you find the hardest; in the Sova assessment, you are marked for accuracy as well as speed so you don't want to take too long answering the tougher questions and risk your overall score.

Understand The Format

Practicing Sova assessments will also help you familiarise yourself with the way these tests are structured and how they need to be answered. They are usually presented via an online link in an email to be completed at home in your own time.

Sova tests are designed to be simple and straightforward in terms of candidate experience, but without practice you might not be confident in taking an online test and make a silly mistake.

Read The Questions Carefully

Although there are no 'trick' questions, sometimes the way the question is worded can make it seem complicated. Be sure to know what the question is looking for before you work out your answer.

Reading the questions carefully can ensure that you have all the information you need before you start.

Sample SOVA Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

A manager says: 'To succeed in this industry, one must prioritize customer satisfaction and innovation.' Which of the following statements would be consistent with the manager's beliefs?

  • Cutting costs should be our top priority at the expense of product quality.
  • Customer satisfaction can be sacrificed for short-term profits.
  • Continuous improvement is essential to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation is less important than adhering to traditional methods.

Which of the following is a major difference between an analogy and a metaphor?

  • A metaphor compares two things without using 'like' or 'as,' while an analogy is a logical argument.
  • A metaphor is used in poetry, while an analogy is used in scientific papers.
  • An analogy explicitly compares two things, while a metaphor does not compare anything.
  • An analogy uses visuals, while a metaphor is strictly verbal.

If two variables X and Y are perfectly correlated, what is the value of the correlation coefficient?

  • -1
  • 0
  • 0.5
  • 1

A conclusion follows logically if it is supported by the premise. If the premise is true, which of these conclusions logically follows? Premise: All mammals breathe. Whales breathe.

  • Whales are mammals.
  • All creatures that breathe are mammals.
  • Whales do not breathe.
  • Some mammals are whales.

Assuming each month has the same number of sales, what would be the total number of sales at the end of a year if a company sells 120 units in January?

  • 1440
  • 240
  • 1200
  • 1500

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SOVA Tests Tips

Familiarize with the Format

Understanding the structure of SOVA assessments is crucial. Each test may vary, but generally, they feature questions that measure your cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and skills relevant to the tech sector. Dive into Techtest to experience the flow and type of questions you'll encounter, so there are no surprises on test day.

Critical Thinking is Key

SOVA tests are designed to evaluate your problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. Practice thinking critically under timed conditions at Techtest, where you can enhance your analytical prowess to identify patterns, interpret data, and solve complex problems efficiently.

Reflect on Your Responses

Self-awareness goes a long way! Reflect on each answer choice and consider why potential responses could be the best fit. Techtest allows you to review explanations, helping to develop your understanding and enabling you to better articulate your thought process during the real assessment.

Time Management is Everything

SOVA assessments are not just a test of knowledge but also of your ability to manage time effectively. On Techtest, you'll practice pacing yourself so that you can navigate through questions at a steady rate, ensuring you can showcase your full potential within the allocated time frame.

Stay Calm and Confident

A calm mind solves problems more efficiently. Being familiar with SOVA test types will help reduce anxiety. Use practice sessions on Techtest to build your confidence. Remember, the purpose of these tests is to bring out your best, providing a clear picture of your skills to potential employers.

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How Long Do Sova Assessments Take?

Sova assessments are untimed, but they usually take around 30 minutes, depending on the industry and role that you have applied for. If you are taking more than one assessment in the pre-employment screening process, you will be told by the company what to expect from your test. Bear in mind that many businesses that use Sova assessments will have specially tailored assessments.

How Are Sova Assessments Scored?

There is no time limit on a Sova assessment - however, your final score is made up of the number of correct answers and how quickly you managed to answer them. When practicing, make sure that you are taking between 30-45 seconds per question to be in with a good chance of getting a high score.

How Do I Prepare For The Sova Exam?

Practice beforehand is key - once you know that you are going to have an assessment, start working on practice tests in the same areas. You will sometimes know about assessments before you apply - quite often, businesses will provide a guide about what to expect in the screening process - but you should find out early in the process.

On the day of your exam, make sure that you have had adequate rest the night before, and nourish yourself with a good meal and plenty of water. Choose a quiet place to take the test where you are not likely to be disturbed, and be sure that your technology is working correctly such as a connection to the internet, for example.

Are Sova Tests Difficult?

The content of a Sova test is not difficult - there is no need for extensive learning or knowledge beyond the GCSE level.

However, the test conditions and unfamiliar format and structure can make them tough, and you will want to perform well to ensure that you make it through to the next round of the application process. This is where diligent practice, for speed and accuracy, can make a real difference to your progress.


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