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Revelian is an Australian test publisher that was founded in 1999. Formerly known as Onetest, Revelian is the most popular and widely used psychometric test publisher in Australia.

What Is A Revelian Test?

Revelian test is an assessment that has 14 individual psychometric tests, all designed to focus on a specific skill or trait, ensuring that the right people are taken further. More than 200,000 people take a Revelian test worldwide every single year, and employers choose Revelian because they offer data-driven insights into the suitability of candidates based on scientific, psychological research, and knowledge of workplace needs.

Revelian Psychometric Tests

The assessment you will take will depend on the role you have applied for - and you may face more than one.

You will be invited to complete the tests that you need via email; you need a reliable internet connection and some time where you will not be disturbed.

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) is probably the most popular test being used by organisations at the moment because it can assess several different competencies in one.

You will face 51 questions that need to be answered in 20 minutes, and they will be a combination of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

The answers will either be multiple choice or 'fill in the blank', and because of the tight time limit, you will be expected to work quickly and accurately to complete the assessment in time.

Verbal Reasoning Test (RVRT)

A verbal reasoning assessment is designed to assess your natural ability to analyse written information to come to a logical, reasoned conclusion.

The questions will be based on a passage of text, which you will need to quickly and accurately read and understand to find the answers. The RVRT is testing how you can solve problems using words, and find the key points in the information.

You will have just ten minutes available in this test to answer up to 35 questions - it is not expected that you will complete all of them, but speed and accuracy are important.

Numerical Reasoning Test (RNRT)

The numerical reasoning assessment is another time pressure test. You will have just 12 minutes to answer up to 25 questions.

The numerical reasoning assessment is not strictly a maths test, but it does assess the way you work with data that is presented in tables, graphs, and charts.

The questions will require some basic sums to find the answers, and most will be multiple choice. Percentages, fractions, and basic functions are all needed to solve the problems, so this is more of a test of your inherent ability to deal with numerical information and use it to make a decision.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract reasoning is an assessment of your ability to find the relationships and patterns that govern a sequence of images or shapes. Logic assessments, especially using unfamiliar information as in the Revelian tests, is a good indication of problem-solving ability and critical thinking.

This test is presented with questions in the form of sequences, and each will contain several shapes. These shapes will change to create a pattern, and there will be a missing image that you will need to find. The answers are multiple-choice.

In just ten minutes, you will be expected to answer up to 32 questions, so you need to be able to quickly and accurately spot the patterns and use this information to make a logical decision.

Revelian Personality Test

Several different tests could be considered a Revelian personality test, but the most in-depth and arguably most effective is the 16 Personality Factors (16PF).

This assessment is untimed but usually takes about 30 minutes. There are 170 statements in the questionnaire, and they are multiple-choice. A set of four statements are presented on each page of the assessment, and you need to use a five-point scale to rate these statements according to how much you think they describe you.

There are no right or wrong answers in the 16PF questionnaire, it is a way for the organisation to predict your behaviour in a work environment using specific, everyday scenarios.

Other Tests

Behavioural Profile

With 24 questions to be answered, this untimed test usually takes just ten minutes, and is a way to assess the way you work with others and approach challenges based on the statements that are most or least like you in your current role.

Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)

The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test has been developed to assess your emotional intelligence, and how you can recognise, understand, and use emotions in the workplace. This untimed assessment usually lasts about 40 minutes and consists of 171 questions based on faces, scenarios, and pictures.

Skills Tests

Several skills tests are published by Revelian, and these can be timed or untimed. The point of these assessments is to measure your skills at the time of taking the test, to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to be successful in the role.

Values Inventory (RVI)

The Revelian Values Inventory is a simple and quick assessment, with 20 questions in an untimed test. This assessment aims to see how your work values align with the values of the organisation and to assess cultural fit which is linked to commitment and loyalty.

Work Preferences Profile

Another untimed test is the Work Preferences Profile Test. It has 84-questions and is a way for the organization to understand which work tasks you find more satisfying to see how they match the requirements of the job.

Work Reliability Scale

This assessment is used to test an applicant on their attitudes toward work-related issues using a response scale that is different throughout the test. There are 54 statements, and this test is untimed although usually takes about ten minutes.

Work Safety Assessment

For roles where safety is a priority, the Work Safety Assessment is a simple to administer an assessment that focuses on your attitudes to safety at work, is untimed, and can be answered on any device. This test is either 49 questions (short) or 77 questions (long).


Gamified assessments are often used in tech recruitment, and Cognify consists of six mini-games that are designed to offer thousands of data points for a full picture of the candidate's cognitive ability, focusing on problem-solving, verbal knowledge, and numerical reasoning.


Another gamified assessment, Emotify focuses on emotional intelligence by assessing whether you can match emotions to faces and situations in two short assessments.

Tips To Pass Revelian Tests

Familiarise Yourself With The Assessment

As the assessments are all different, understanding what you need to do to complete the test will make you feel more confident. Be familiar with the layout, the structure, and the time limit (if appropriate).

Practice Tests

Although most Revelian assessments are aimed at testing your competencies - which means you do not necessarily need to revise - practicing tests can make a real difference to your final score.

Find Revelian practice tests online and take them so you can get comfortable with the question styles, recognise the format, and understand how best to answer them.

Identify Areas Of Weakness [And Practice]

It is perfectly natural for there to be areas of the assessment you will find more difficult - and if this is the case, then you have some idea of where you should be focusing your practice to make sure that you can answer more questions correctly and not spend too much time on parts of the test that you find difficult.

Time Yourself

One of the most important factors in a Revelian assessment is that it is timed - and a lot shorter than other tests.

This means that you are not always guaranteed to be able to answer all the questions in the allotted time - but if you time yourself when you practice you will be more aware of how quickly you should be answering the questions - giving you more chance to achieve a higher score.

Sample Revelian Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

After reading a new policy on vacation leave, employees felt the regulations were restrictive. What is the most likely reason for this interpretation?

The new policy dictates that all vacation must be scheduled at least 90 days in advance. Additionally, no more than two employees are allowed to be on leave simultaneously. During peak workload periods, vacation requests may be denied to ensure adequate staffing levels.

  • The policy allows too many employees to take leave at once.
  • The policy limits simultaneous vacation to two employees.
  • The policy is less restrictive during peak workload periods.
  • The policy requires no advance planning.

Which of the following seems least like the others?

  • A train arriving ahead of schedule
  • A car parked in a no-parking zone
  • An airplane flying below the recommended altitude
  • A ship docking at a private pier

If all Bloops are Razzies and all Razzies are Lazies, which of the following statements must be true?

  • All Bloops are Lazies.
  • All Lazies are Razzies.
  • Some Razzies are Bloops.
  • No Lazies are Bloops.

If 5 workers can complete 5 projects in 5 days, how many days would it take 10 workers to complete 10 projects, assuming all workers work at the same rate?

  • 5 days
  • 10 days
  • 25 days
  • 50 days

What is the next term in the series: J1, L2, N3, P4, ...?

  • R5
  • R6
  • S5
  • T5

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Revelian Tests Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Format

It's key to get to know the types of questions you might face on a Revelian test. Whether it's personality questionnaires, cognitive ability assessments, or skills-based evaluations, understanding the structure and what's being assessed is a game-changer. Remember, no two tests are identical, but familiarizing yourself with the type of content and format of Revelian can really give you an edge. That's where Techtest comes in—we provide you with a broad range of practice tests that mirror what you’ll encounter.

Timed Practice Makes Perfect

Revelian's tests have strict time limits, so it’s crucial to practice under similar conditions. Here at Techtest, we simulate a test environment that will help you learn how to manage your time effectively. Getting comfortable with the ticking clock can help reduce stress on the actual test day.

Review Your Answers

After each practice test on Techtest, take the time to go through your answers, especially the ones you got wrong. This isn't just about memorizing the right answers; it's about understanding the logic behind them. Analyzing your mistakes helps you avoid them in future attempts and strengthens your overall test-taking strategy.

Stay Relaxed

Nerves can sometimes get the better of us, particularly when sitting for an important test like Revelian. Keep calm by preparing well in advance with Techtest and having a good night’s sleep before the test. A relaxed mind works at peak efficiency, and a well-rested candidate is set to perform better.

Be Honest and Consistent

Especially for the personality assessments, make sure your answers reflect your true views and remain consistent throughout. These tests are designed to get an accurate read on your personal attributes, so there's no benefit in trying to 'game' the system. Authenticity is what shines through and what employers are looking for. Techtest offers a safe space to honestly assess your characteristics in line with what companies are searching for.

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Revelian Tests FAQs

What Is A Good Revelian Score?

Revelian assessments are scored based on speed and accuracy. The score you need to pass will depend on the requirements of the organisation that you have applied for.

Revelian test reports are created based on your percentile score, which is a representation of how well you have performed compared to a group of other test takers - this control group could be professionals in the same role or just the cohort of applicants that you are testing alongside.

If your percentile score is 45%, this means that you have performed better than 45% of the people in the control group that you are being compared to.

Are Revelian Tests Timed?

Some Revelian tests are timed, and the time limits tend to be much shorter than similar assessments from other publishers.

Others are not timed, like the personality and behavioural tests.

You can expect a Revelian test to take you between 10 and 40 minutes.

What Companies Use Revelian?

Revelian is mostly used in pre-employment assessments for businesses in Australia, but there are several large companies in the UK, Europe, and the US that rely on the insights from Revelian assessments to find the right applicants.

Revelian tests are used by companies like Optus, Virgin Australia, and BlackDot, as well as multinational companies like PwC and KPMG.

How Long Will My Assessment Take?

You will be sent a link to the assessment you are required to take, and you usually have seven days to complete the test.

Each assessment will differ in the amount of time that it will take, so make sure you know how long you have got, and find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed and where you get a strong internet connection for at least 40 minutes.