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What Is A Thomas International Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests by Thomas International are a range of tests that assess a candidate's suitability and effectiveness in a role.

Produced and administered by Thomas International, the organisation is an assessment platform provider in over 60 countries. The tests are available in over 50 languages. Over 11,000 employers use Thomas International tests as part of their recruitment process. These include public sector organisations, SME's and FTSE-listed companies.

There are various types of Thomas International tests available to employers.

Each Thomas International test has a specific purpose, whether that be to assess general ability or, to assess the applicant's personality traits, characteristics, and as relevant to the role applied for.

Thomas International Test Categories

There are several Thomas assessment and psychometric tests available to employers. Each test category assesses a specific ability or characteristic.

  • Aptitude tests (GIA)
  • Behaviour Assessment (PPA exam)
  • Emotional Intelligence test (TEIQue)
  • Workplace Personality test (HPTI test)

Employers use these tests as part of their recruitment and selection process. These tests help select suitable candidates for roles according to the abilities or traits required for success on the job.

The Thomas International GIA Test

The GIA test is an online aptitude assessment that assesses five abilities:

  • Word meaning: assesses a candidate's understanding of words, what they mean, and similarities between words. This test is important for roles that involve a lot of communication by instruction.

  • Perceptual speed: measures a candidate's ability and speed to understand data presented and then recognise errors or inconsistencies in this data.

  • Reasoning: This test is very similar to a verbal reasoning ability test. It measures a candidate's ability to read and understand a passage of information then answer questions on the information.

  • Number speed and accuracy: this test is very similar to numerical reasoning ability tests. The test measures candidates' ability to understand numerical information and performs basic calculations.

  • Spatial visualisation: measures a candidate's ability when visualizing shapes, analysing and manipulating both 2d and 3D shapes. This test can also be likened to a mechanical reasoning test for roles where visualising information is integral.

The GIA test takes 30 - 45 minutes. Each test has a specific type of task, with the test being scored on both the speed of answering and the accuracy of answers.

The overall score is then presented as a percentile compared against a norm group of candidates. This comparison determines whether the candidate has scored at the lower, middle, or upper end of the range compared to other candidates.

The results from the GIA give an employer an overview of whether the candidate can take on a new role and how well they would adapt to the role.

Thomas International PPA Test

The PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) test is different from an ability test as it is a behavioural test.

The PPA test determines the way candidates behave in a work situation. The assessment looks at a candidate's strengths, behaviours, communication style, limitations, and fears when it comes to working, then profiles this according to four factors:

  • Influence
  • Compliance
  • Steadiness
  • Dominance

There are 24 questions in the PPA test and 8 minutes to complete these.

The candidate profiles generated following the test help employers gain a better understanding of a candidate's behaviour at work and also whether the behaviour they display is a fit for the organisation and role.

Thomas International TEIQue Test

The TEIQue (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire) is an emotional intelligence assessment focusing on how candidates understand their emotions and use these in the workplace to:

  • Build relationships with others and communicate in the workplace
  • Demonstrate resilience in pressure situations
  • Overcome hurdles or challenging situations

This assessment has 153 questions to be completed in 30 minutes and measures 15 emotional traits.

Questions are presented as statements with multiple choice answers. Candidates then need to select whether they agree with the statement using a 1 - 7 Likert scale of agree completely (7) or disagree completely (1) with the statement.

As this test is a behavioural test, there are no right or wrong answers. The answers relate to a candidate's self and social awareness, their self-management skills, and also their social skills.

It is worth noting that a person's emotional intelligence develops over time. Employers use the results from the TEIQue to build up a picture of candidates and whether they are suited for specific roles based on their level of emotional intelligence across these traits.

Thomas International HPTI Test

The Thomas HPTI (High Potential Trait Indicator) test is a personality test that assesses a candidate's weaknesses and strengths in the workplace and, ultimately, what sort of personality a candidate has at work.

This assessment is a self-reporting assessment; candidates are presented with 78 unique questions and 10 minutes to complete. Using the 1 - 7 Likert scale, candidates indicate whether they disagree completely using a 1 rating through to a 7 rating or agree completely with the statement.

The test looks at six core traits of a candidates personality, behaviours, and preferences at work:

  • Competitiveness
  • Risk approach
  • Ambiguity acceptance
  • Conscientiousness
  • Curiosity
  • Adjustment

Responses are then measured on a continuous scale of very low through to very high.

The results of the HPTI test enable recruiters to determine whether the behaviour and personality traits of a candidate match those required for success in specific roles or leadership positions.

Assessment Centre

Thomas International holds two types of assessment centres.

  • Recruitment and selection focused.
  • Team-based focuses on each individual's behaviours, personalities, and traits and how every individual can work together to achieve the team and organisational goals.

Whatever the type of assessment centre attended, it is always worth checking what assessments you will be asked to sit as part of the session.

Tips To Practice And Prepare For The Thomas International Tests

There are many types of Thomas International tests, all assessing different abilities and traits. Understanding how to prepare and being mindful of what you can do before sitting the tests can help you perform at your best.

Focus On Questions You Find Difficult

Make sure that you read the questions carefully. Spend your time on the questions that make you think.

Don't second guess yourself or select an answer that you think the recruiter wants to see. Answer the questions honestly, remember speed is part of the test as is accuracy in the ability tests.

Practice A Range Of Tests

Each test has its style of questions. By practicing a range of tests, you become familiar with many questioning styles and how the same question may be asked differently.

You also become familiar with how questions are worded, the level of difficulty of questions, and how you react when in a timed pressurised situation.

You then go into the tests feeling confident and in a positive frame of mind as you know what to expect through practice.

Understand The Format

Becoming familiar and comfortable with the format of questions means that you don't spend as much time deciding what the question is asking, more focusing on calculating or selecting the best answer.

The format of each test is different, so being aware of whether you are selecting one answer or how the selection on a Likert scale works means that you can perform at your best.

Sample Thomas International Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

In the passage below, what is the primary motivating factor for the CEO's strategy? 'The CEO of the company launched a new initiative aimed at increasing market share by improving customer service. Understanding that satisfied customers often lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth, the CEO emphasized training for the customer relations team and implemented a performance-based incentive program for all front-line staff.'

  • Cutting costs
  • Broadening the product line
  • Increasing market share
  • Implementing technology upgrades

When considering patterns that involve movement or progression, which of the following options best continues the series? Option A: An object rotates 45 degrees clockwise. Option B: An object rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise. Option C: An object rotates 45 degrees counterclockwise. Option D: An object moves 10 cm to the right.

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C
  • Option D

If all Bloops are Razzies and all Razzies are Lazzies, are all Bloops definitely Lazzies?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cannot be determined
  • Some Bloops are Lazzies

What is the next number in the series: 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, ...?

  • 42
  • 40
  • 44
  • 36

Choose the pair of words that best completes the sentence: 'The ____ of workers were ____ with their working conditions and demanded changes from the management.'

  • majority, content
  • number, dissatisfied
  • group, happy
  • amount, complying

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Thomas International Tests Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format

Take some time to understand the variety of Thomas International tests offered. Since these can range from general aptitude to personality assessments, knowing the format beforehand can significantly help reduce test-day anxiety. On Techtest, we've curated a collection of practice tests that mirror the structure and content you're likely to encounter, allowing you to navigate through them confidently when it matters.

Pinpoint Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Use practice tests to identify the areas where you shine and the ones where you might need a bit more work. This targeted approach will help you allocate your study time efficiently. With Techtest, you can keep track of your performance across different practice tests, which helps in honing in on what skills you need to work on most.

Practice in Realistic Conditions

To really ace your Thomas International tests, simulate the test environment as closely as possible. This means practicing without distractions, at a quiet desk, and keeping an eye on the clock just like in a real test scenario. Techtest's platform is designed to mimic the look and feel of the actual test environment, so you know what to expect on the big day.

Develop a Time Management Strategy

Time can be your friend or foe during these assessments. Learn how to manage it properly by practicing with timed sessions on Techtest. This will help you gauge how much time to spend on each question and when to move on to ensure you complete the test within the allotted time frame.

Stay Calm and Positive

It's normal to feel a bit stressed before a test – it means you care about the outcome! But too much stress can hinder your performance. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization, and approach each practice test on Techtest with a positive attitude to keep nerves at bay.

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Thomas International Tests FAQs

Are Thomas International Tests Difficult?

Thomas International tests are ability, behavioural, or personality tests. The tests are not intentionally difficult but to perform at your best:

  • Ensure you practice beforehand
  • Become familiar with the style and the format of questions
  • Work quickly but accurately
Are Thomas International Tests Timed?

All the tests are timed; the duration depends on the test itself. It is worth noting how long you have to complete the tests. Also, keep an eye on the time when you complete the test to ensure you finish all of the questions.

What Is Needed To Complete The Thomas International Test?

Nothing specific is needed to complete the test other than a PC/laptop and reliable internet connection.

How Are Thomas International GIA Test Scored?

The GIA test is scored in accuracy and speed of answer. The candidate's score is compared to a norm group, a sample population of candidates who have previously taken the test. Recruiters can then see whether a candidate's score is higher, lower, or similar to the norm group.

How Is The Thomas International PPA Test Scored?

There are no right or wrong answers with the PPA test. As this test is a behavioural test, the candidate's responses help build up a candidate profile against the six core traits being assessed.

Recruiters can then use this profile to determine their suitability for the role.