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Getting A Job At Atos

Atos is a French company that specialises in high tech transactional services, cyber security, cloud computing and big data. Providing both IT and consulting services, Atos headquarters are in Bezons in France, with a presence in 73 countries and over 100,000 employees globally.

As a digital services leader, Atos has a range of opportunities for graduates, interns and experienced professionals who want to work for an employer of choice in the technology and innovation space.

Atos offers a competitive salary package, with benefits like performance-related pay, a share-based plan, pension, insurance packages and more - depending on location.

Atos Values

Atos recruitment is always on the lookout for potential employees who have a passion for business and technology, and can align with the Atos values.

These include developing and building trust with other employees, customers and the wider community. It includes being socially engaged, working to help all communities become integrated into a digital world, while maintaining an enhanced employee experience.

Atos wants to employ graduates and experienced professionals that are willing to keep learning, in an environment that both challenges and supports them. Internal mobility and growth opportunities should be taken with both hands.

Types Of Roles At Atos

The business is divided into six main areas:

  • Atos consulting
  • Big data and cyber security
  • Cloud computing
  • Independent assessment services
  • IT infrastructure
  • Sales and support

The Graduate program offers a competitive salary as well as all the benefits of a full-time employee - with the added bonus of working towards a relevant professional certification or qualification where possible.

Internship opportunities offer a paid opportunity to get an in-depth introduction to the world of Atos for students in their penultimate year of study.

Hiring Process At Atos

The hiring process begins with the job search function on the careers page. Here you can search by keyword or location to find the role that best suits you.

Atos provides detailed job descriptions that not only highlight the relevant skills, experience and qualifications that you need for the role, they also have information about what you will be expected to do.

Keep this information in mind as you work through the application process so you can demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the role.

Atos Online Application

The online application is more than just a collection of your contact details and a place to upload a CV.

You will need to answer some motivational questions about why you want to work at Atos, why you have chosen the role you have applied for, and similar. This is where you need to demonstrate that you have done your research.

When you are preparing your CV to upload, make sure that you include details of any particular skills, experience, competencies or experience that the role is asking for - this will make it easier for the recruitment team to see that you are a good choice.

You will get a confirmation that your application form has been received, and if you meet the basic criteria you will be invited to the next stage of the process.

Atos Aptitude Tests

Online testing is a good way for a prospective employer to gauge your competency and learning potential before the interview, allowing the recruitment team to gather unbiased and relevant data that makes reducing a candidate pool simple and effective.

Atos uses Sova tests to assess potential employees. Sova is a British psychometric test publisher based in London, who specialises in scientifically strong tests with a foundation in organisational psychology.

The Atos tests are a blended assessment from Sova that asks fewer questions than would be found in separate tests, but offers more streamlined and relevant results. There are several different question types involved in the Atos online assessment, and understanding what to expect can help you feel more prepared.

Atos Verbal Reasoning Tests

A verbal reasoning test will present you with a passage or a paragraph of information, usually written in professional language. You will need to quickly read the passage and be expected to answer a question based on the information it contains.

The question is usually in the form of a statement, and you will need to decide if the statement is true, false, or you cannot say. There is no need for previous knowledge of the subject to answer this question correctly; the answer is provided in the given text.

Quickly reading, understanding, and analysing information and data that is in written form is a good indicator of cognitive prowess and demonstrates your ability to make logical decisions.

Atos Numerical Reasoning Tests

In a similar way to the verbal questions, the numerical reasoning portion of the test delivers information that you will need to understand and analyse in order to answer a question.

In the numerical reasoning assessment, this information is presented as numerical data, often in the form of a table or a graph. The question about the data will require you to complete some calculations to choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice options.

The calculations are usually simple, based on entry-level mathematical knowledge - using operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as well as percentages, fractions and ratios.

Atos Situational Judgement Test

Used to assess the way you deal with work-related problems, the situational judgement test presents a number of realistic scenarios with several possible courses of action.

The Sova situational judgement test might present these scenarios as descriptions, videos, images or animation. The multiple-choice of possible actions are not obviously right or wrong - the questions are aimed at seeing your work behaviour.

You will need to select the course of action that is 'most effective' and the one that would be 'least effective'.

Atos Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning is an assessment that is used to test a candidate on their ability to think through a problem logically, and make decisions based on limited and often unfamiliar information.

In the abstract reasoning test, you will be presented with a series of images, shapes, or numbers with one missing. To find the missing item, you will need to find the pattern that governs the sequence.

This is a multiple-choice section of the test, and you will need to be quick at recognising the rules of a sequence - whether that is a change in size, colour, number or any other pattern.

Atos Personality Test

The Sova personality questions are based on the HEXACO model - measuring Honesty, Emotionality, eXtraversion, Agreeableness and Openness (to experience).

The personality questions are presented as a group of four statements that you need to rank depending on how much you think they are like you, or like the way you behave at work.

Much like the situational judgement assessment, there are not any right or wrong answers, but there will be a profile created following your answers that is judged against the needs of the role, and of the Atos culture.

Atos Video Interview

If you are successful in the online assessments, the next stage of the application process is to take part in a video interview.

This involves answering a series of pre-recorded questions on video, and can be completed on your own time when it is most convenient for you. The questions are a combination of motivational (why do you want to work for Atos?) and competency-based - looking for examples from your experience, either from university, your extra-curricular activities, or from your work experience.

You can prepare for this interview by looking at the skills and competencies that the job description provides and using this to think of examples from your life.

Although this isn't a live interview, you should still treat it as if you were speaking to the Atos recruitment team face to face.

Atos Assessment Centres

The final stage of the recruitment process is a full day at an assessment centre. This takes place with a number of applicants, sometimes for different roles, and is a chance for the recruitment team and managers to see how candidates interact, looking for evidence of important soft skills like communication, teamwork and leadership.

During the day, you will complete several exercises, both individually and as a group.

Atos Case Study

This is an individual project, where you will be presented with a handful of information about a case. This is usually a fictional company that has a problem that you need to solve, and present your findings to the Atos staff and the other applicants.

This is an assessment of your problem-solving skills and how good you are at making a presentation, as well as your calm head when asked questions about your decision making.

Atos Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to allow every applicant an opportunity to demonstrate excellent teamwork, listening and communication skills, as well as identify those that are more likely to be leaders in the future.

During the group exercise, you will be constantly assessed - more on what you do in the exercise than the end product. This means you need to speak up positively where you can, take the lead if that is a natural position for you, and actively listen to the other people in your group.

Atos One-on-One Interview

As part of the assessment centre, you will have an opportunity for a one-on-one interview. This usually takes place with a manager from the job area that you have applied for.

In this interview, you will be asked in-depth motivational questions as well as some more competency-based ones.

As the interview is more specific about the job that you have applied for, you can expect detailed questions about your qualifications and experience as they relate to what the role requires. You will also have a chance to ask some questions of your own about the job, the company or anything else that you might have read about - this is a good way to demonstrate that you have done your research on Atos.

What Is It Like To Work At Atos?

Atos is a company that is proud of the way it looks after its employees, challenging them to improve and support them with extensive learning and development opportunities. Working at Atos means getting not only a competitive salary, but also relevant and useful benefits that help you make the most of your finances and your free time.

As pioneers of digital collaboration and cloud computing, Atos is committed to flexible working hours and helping employees find the right work/life balance.

Alongside leading the way to decarbonisation as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Atos is also working to help educate and integrate disadvantaged communities, making access to the digital world easier. Being a part of this corporate team, with a focus on innovation and discovery, is something inspirational for the graduate with a passion for technology.

Top Tips To Getting Hired At Atos

Prepare For The Assessments

Online assessments are a big part of modern job application processes, and while they are useful for the recruitment team to help them make the right decision, they are particularly challenging for candidates.

The key to success in online psychometric tests is to be prepared. Know what tests you are likely to face, and practice them beforehand. Not only will you feel more familiar with the structure of the assessment and the way the questions are phrased, but you will also be more aware of working fast and dealing with tight time limits.

You can find practice questions on all assessment types online.

Build Your Confidence

Whether you are looking for your first position from university or you are an experienced professional, confidence is important.

You can build your confidence through the application process by knowing what you are likely to face, as well as doing your research.

This is especially true in the assessment centre, as you will be up against other applicants that might be going for the same role, and you want to be sure that the recruitment team notices you.

Practice Interview Questions

Interviews are tough, and in the Atos process, you will have to face both a video interview and a face-to-face interview before you are offered a position.

Video interviews need a little bit of technological know-how - you will need a strong and reliable internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. Your questions are pre-recorded, and you will be able to practice a bit before you record.

The key to a good video interview is speaking clearly, being concise, and getting your point across without unnecessary waffle.

Face-to-face interviews need practice too - it is normal to be nervous and feel flustered in an interview, but if you have an idea of the questions that will be asked, you can prepare some answers. Look for clues in the job description, research Atos and the wider information technology industry, and keep abreast of any news reports that might have an impact on the business so you can use the knowledge in the interview.

Sample Atos Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

During a software update deployment for cybersecurity measures, an error occurs every 150 patches. If a company deploys 1200 patches, how many errors are expected?

  • 6 errors
  • 48 errors
  • 8 errors
  • 12 errors

In the context of cloud computing, a company started with 15 TB (Terabytes) of data storage. Over a five-month period, they increased their storage at a rate of 0.5 TB/month. How much data storage will the company have at the end of the five months?

  • 17.25 TB
  • 17.5 TB
  • 15.5 TB
  • 16 TB

Imagine you’re solving a pattern-based problem where the sequence progresses by altering the shape count. If the series starts with one shape and the number of shapes increases by an additional shape in each subsequent step, what will be the total number of shapes at the fifth step?

  • 15
  • 10
  • 5
  • 25

If a system's performance enhances by 10% each year due to improvements in technology, what would be the percentage increase in performance at the end of two years?

  • 21%
  • 20%
  • 10.5%
  • 15%

To secure client data, a firm employs multiple encryption cycles and adds 64 bits of encryption with each cycle. If the original data is 128 bits and goes through three cycles of encryption, how many bits of encryption will the data have in the end?

  • 320 bits
  • 192 bits
  • 256 bits
  • 384 bits

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Atos Assessments Tips

Know Your Stuff Inside Out

As Atos deals with complex services and innovation, they'll want proof you can keep up. It's crucial to have a thorough understanding of the topics you'll be tested on. So review all areas of high tech transactional services, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and big data before you hit 'Start' on your practice exams.

Simulate the Exam Environment

To perform your best during the real exam, practice in conditions as close to the actual environment as possible. Choose a quiet, uninterrupted spot and time yourself as if you were taking the real test. Getting used to the pressure will help you stay calm and focused when it truly counts.

Don’t Just Practice, Review

After each practice test, take the time to go through your answers. Understanding why you got a question right or wrong reinforces your knowledge and helps you avoid similar mistakes in the future. It’s all about learning and improving with each attempt.

Time Management is Key

Many candidates know the answers but run out of time. On your practice exams, work on pacing yourself. Break down the time you have by section or question type and stick to it. Through practice, you will get better at managing the clock and your stress levels.

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Atos Assessments FAQs

When Does Atos Recruit?

Atos recruits throughout the year for open positions, and all roles that are available can be found on their careers page.

Although each open opportunity has a closing date, it is a good idea to apply early because it could close unexpectedly if enough applications are received.

What Kind Of People Does Atos Hire?

Atos covers a number of different business areas, but one of the most important things that the business looks for is people that are passionate about technology and innovation.

For a graduate position, you will need at least a 2:1 degree (or be expecting one) in any subject. The most important thing is flexibility and a proactive approach, with a commitment to delivery and strong business knowledge.

Is Atos A Good Company To Work For?

Atos provides a great benefit and remuneration package for employees, from financial to wellbeing perks.

One of the most impressive reasons that Atos is an employer of choice is the opportunities for learning and development. Atos focuses on internal mobility and promotion from within, and with both the Atos University and specific learning paths created for each employee, working for Atos is not a stagnant role.

Does Atos Pay Well?

According to Glassdoor, entry-level roles like Customer Service Representatives earn a little over £20,000, while a Graduate Consultant can earn a salary of £32,000. With the growth potential available in every role, with the right learning and development, an employee could have almost unlimited earning potential.

Alongside the competitive salary are the benefits, which change depending on location. Employees can expect bonuses according to performance, pension and share options as well as discounts at retailers and programs aimed at improving wellbeing too.